December 7th

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I looked outside the window. The sky was grey and felt gloomy. I looked down and saw the rest of the members going out. I stayed because I wasn't feeling it. I watched them all go and have fun and sat on my bed. I layed down and placed a pillow on top of my head. I kicked the covers to the floor and yelled on top of my lungs. I've been wanting to scream since the day of the accident. When will life be normal again? When will my life be happy again?

I found someone opening the door while I was resting and pulled him to the bed quickly and pinned him there. It was Chen... I let go quickly and gasped. "Jongdae?? I'm... so sorry." He coughed a few time and sat up. "Dude, Why did you do that?" He gasped for air. "Well, next time, knock first." I mumbled. "Dude, I never knock and you don't even do this in the past." He said and then gasped. "Repea...t that... sentence... again..." I said with excitement. Chen looked at me, "I don't know what happened... The words just came out of my mouth... I don't even..." He looked down and tried to think again. I sighed in disappointment. "Jongdae, I need some time off, please leave." Chen didn't protest so he got up and left, closing the door. I plopped back on the bed and went to sleep again.

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