Chapter Seven: The Visit

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A Few Days Later

Kagura's POV

I decided that I would go visit Erza today, we haven't seen eachother lately, and I feel as if now would be a good time. I felt like wearing something simple.
Red turtleneck, black scarf, white boots, white ribbon, and a tan trench coat.
I began my walk to her apartment. Taking the nice scenery. To my right was the canal-like river, which was frozen over. People off all ages skated across it.
I smiled on the inside an continued walking.
I eventually arrived at her place. I knocked, and as to be expected the beautiful Scarlet haired woman opened the door.
"Come in, Kagura." She smiled.
I showed a slight bit of emotion.
"How have thing been lately?" She said as she took a seat on her couch.
"Fine, a bit off from my normal routine but it's not a bother." I took a seat beside her.
"What do you mean by that?"
"It's well... I've had this odd encounter with..." I didn't know how to address Rogue.
"With?" Her eyebrow raised.
"A man..." I tried to keep things as simply as possible.
"Quit being so vague." She said in a teasing manner.
"Yes a man, I had breakfast with him not too long ago."
"I see, his name might I ask?"
"Rogue... C-Cheney." I stuttered.
"I see. Sabertooth, right?"
"I never asked."
"I guess there is no need, since most evil has been taken out and the guilds aren't nearly as active anymore."
"I suppose."
"Speaking of which, did you hear about the ball that the King of Fiore has invited almost all guilds to?"
"No, actually." I didn't exactly care much either.
"Oh, is that so? Well he's throwing it in honour of all the guilds hardwork for everything."
"I'm not going." I said, monotoned as ever.
"Yes you are! As your onee-chan-"
"That was a joke!"
"Oh come on, that happened the second time we met at the bistro!"
I kissed my teeth.
"Anyways, I'm dragging you there." She hardened her voice.
"I have nothing to wear." I looked away.
"I can let you borrow."
"I don't like dressing up."
"Just this once!" She said, pretty much begging.
"Fine." I looked at her. She smiled and got up, clapping her hands. She stood before me and summoned a dress beside me.
"How about this? The dress code is very specific. You have to wear very, and might I say VERY, formal clothes." She looked down at the dress, with a gaze that looked proud.
"It's a bit much." I said.
The dress was a aqua colour. It was strapless and had two gold arm cuffs that went a bit above the secomd pair of gold arm cuffs that each held up sheer, aqua sleeves. Gold embroidery was done at the heart shaped neckline and at the waist. Where the upper half ended, turned ito a "V", and what flowed out of it was sheer, resembling somewhat of a maxi shirt and flowed outwards, which was aqua which faded into a white, giving an ombre affect. There was also an opening at the front of the sheer skirt. I then realized under the sheer skirt was a bit more of the aqua cloth that was used on the upper half, which formed a short pencil skirt, just enough to cover the spots I didn't want to show.
Erza then summoned the accessories.
A gold choker, a gold cuff to go on the thigh, and white stilettos, which looked ever so complicated.
I didn't see a ribbon, which for whatever reason, put me a bit on edge.
"What about my hair?" I asked a bit shyly.
"We'll figure that out, as for now, try the dress on."
I sighed but I didn't want to let her down. I hugged everything close to me as I picked it off her bed and walked into her washroom, putting everything on. I looked in the mirror of her washroom and the dress seemed to hug my curves, and I cringed and then sighed. I opened the door of her washroom to walk out but I tripped slightly, I'm not used to heels.
She gave me a gapping look, and I blushed a bit. "You look so lovely, Kagura!" She smiled at me. I walked over to her, I stood in front of the full body mirror she had on her wall. She stood behind me. I looked at her through the reflection and she seemingly was taking a look at my hair.
Her face lightened and she summoned even more. In her hand she held a gold chain the looked like a crown the draped over the head with two jewels that were white and the other item in her hand was a silk hair ribbon which was aqua.
She gently scooped my hair up into a ponytail, leaving my bangs and two long stranged that outlined my face alone. She tied my hair with the ribbon and smiled, draping the gold chain-like crown over my head.
It was all to flashy for me, but her efforts were admirable.
"We'll curl your hair when the day comes, the ball is only two days from now." She smiled.
"What will you wear?" I turned to face her, not mentioning that this was much too flashy for me.
She nodded and was about to requip but she quickly added, "Are you okay with that?", and she looked down at my dress.
"It's not what I'm used to, but I suppose I have no choice in the matter since there really is no other choice."
She shrugged and requiped into her dress.
Her dress was white with a deep "V" shaped neckline, had a somewhat thick outlining on outside of it and inside the outline was a simple design. At the stomach was an opening but covered with a gray-ish white sheer fabric. The top of the opening was like the top of a heart but went outwards and gradually coming back in just under the belly button. The opening was also outlined with black. The skirt on the dress had three flares. One straight down the middle which was pointed at the end. The other flares revealed part of the thigh and then started at the sides and ending at the back. Each flare had a black outline but, at the very tip of each one, it morphed into a gray-ish white colour.
That was only the first layer of the skirt, the second layer was almost all sheer.
The second layer of the skirt was only two flares, mimicking the two on the sides but much longer, cover what the two flares on the side didn't cover, although, still revealing a part of her thigh and the rest of her legs. At the end of the sheer flares was a solid black outlining.
I looked back up and the sleeve were off the shoulder, the exposed part of her arm and then gradually came back in at the elbow then going back out again, then gradually making their way in again at the wrist.
She wore black stilettos, they were a different design from mine, though. She wore a silver choker which mimiced the shape of ther neckline of her dress.
Her scarlet hair pulled into a half bun but stopped part way through to lether long hair fall onto her back. The hair that fell nicely on her back was also slightly curled. The tip of her bangs that outlined her face remained unchanged except for the ends being slightly curled.
"You look so... Amazing." I was at a loss for words as she looked so beautiful.
Shs smiled. "Thank you."
The dress also hugged her curves, making her look elegant and sexy at the same time.
We both smiled in admiration of eachothers beauty.

Author's Note:
Yes, I know, a majority of this chapter was describing the dresses. I described like that because I wanted you guys to have a in depth idea about what they look like, because I, myself, am a very visual person, in fact, in order to come up with the dresses, I had to actually draw them out on paper. I hope you don't mind! I did this also because I didn't wanna explain it later on. Anyways, adios!

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