December 5th

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Five days... It's already five days though December. I was walking around the central mall alone on a snowy night. There was a lot of lights... Very beautiful night. I put my hand out and watched the snowflake fall to my hands. I blew on it and watched it blow away into the night. Today was one of my most memorable nights since... No... I don't want to remind myself the sadness. I looked inside my shopping bag and took out the snow globe I bought. It was a Christmas tree and there was a glowing star on top of it. I shook it once to watch the snow fly around. 'I wish miracles are real...' I said to myself.
As I walked home, the snow was falling harder. I stopped and looked into the night sky as I closed my eyes. 'I wish for miracles to happen... Miracles in December.' I opened my eyes and fell into a state of shock. Chen was right in front of me. "Hyung, why are you standing here with your eyes closed?" I shook myself and relaxed myself. "I was making a wish..." He looked at me with interest, "A wish? What did you wish for?" "I wished... for miracles to happen..."He looked at me and then the sky... "I wish... to remember you." I looked at Chen. "You are a kind hyung... I want to remember you the most." I hugged him tightly and started to cry, again. He wept softly as well.

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