Here's Chapter 2.


                We arrived at our house. We rode a taxi and it was so much fun. We paid the taxi for driving us. And I didn’t know that taxi got meters on them which tell the passenger how much the fee was.

                “I’m so tired,” Isabella said putting her bag down.

                The house was so nice. It was small. My bedroom was bigger than this but it was alright. I love it.

                There were only two bedrooms which were on the second floor, bathroom in each bedroom, a kitchen, dining room, living room and laundry room. There was also a patio and a small garden.

                “Hey Sophie,” Isabella called. “Since we are going to live together. We should divide our chores.”

                “And what chores do you know?” I asked her.

                She then smiled at me. “Oh yeah. I don’t know any.” We laughed.

                “Good thing I asked Susan (my personal maid or assistant) to buy some dvd and books for us,” I said.

                “What dvds and books?”

                I opened my bag and pulled out a box. “Here,” I said handing her the box.

                She opened it and laughed.

                “Funny isn’t it,” I laughed. “But we need it.”

                “How to do laundry? How to wash the dishes correctly?” Isabella read. “Sophie. You are a genius.”

                I laughed. When I was still at the palace, I was already thinking what would happen when we get here. What should we do? And I asked Susan about it. She told me that I should knew some house chores. And good thing they sell those dvds and books in the mall. I asked Susan to buy those for me.

                “Why don’t we just exchange chores? I will cook tomorrow and you wash the dishes. And the next day, you will cook and I’ll do the dishes,” I suggested. “For the laundry, we exchange too.”

                “Okay,” Isabella agreed. “This was so exciting. I can’t believe we are already here.”

                “Do you think we should change our names?” I asked her.

                “What for?” she asked. “People here don’t know us.”

                “I know, but – “

                “All we need to do was change our surname,” she said. “I already arranged that.”

                I nodded and picked up my bag again. Isabella got the bedroom on the left so I got the right bedroom. The bedroom didn't have a curtain on the window yet. I’ll buy that tomorrow. And there was no mirror. Actually, there was only bed and a drawer in here.

                Isabella knocked on my door and she went in. “Can I sleep in here later?” she asked.

                “Why?” I asked her.

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