Your Story

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I walked down stairs falling on the couch as I did and turning on the TV waiting for this idiot to get dressed. I heard him walk down stairs after me.

"Can you cook?" He asked

"Well I have spent most of my life in jail so I'm going to say no" I said

"Can I ask why you were even in jail?" He asked

"That's a story for another time" I said giving him a sly smile as he sat down next to me

"Ok then. Do you have money" he asked

"Why do you ask?" I said

"Well if you can't cook and I can't cook then we are going out to eat" he explained

"I've got money" I said

"Let's go" he said standing up

I ran to my room grabbed 30 bucks. Shoved it in my pocket then got in the car.

The way there I played with the radio and he drove. Once we got there I got out and looked around. It was a small dinner with few cars around it.

I said nothing walking inside behind Zach.

We took our seats in a booth and a waiter came up to us seconds after. He glared at Zach for a minute then looked at me.

"Who's that" he said to Zach

"That's Lexi. My Aunts fostering her." He said

He turned to me putting his charm on. He sat down next to me. "Your really beautiful"

"Whatever just get me my food" I said kicking him out of the booth

Zach burst out laughing holding his stomach.

"Don't worry that's not the first time he's been rejected. Right?" Zach said looking at him

He glared at him storming off. He came back later and we ordered.

Once he came back with our food he said "Looks like you have the same attitude as Zach. But Babe lets give this a shot"

I smiled standing up. "How about no" I said pouring my drink over his head

"B*tch!" He yelled

"Yeah so I was thinking can I get my food to go" I said sweetly

He glared at my with all of his anger. Zach grabbed my hand pulling me into the car.

He was laughing his head off as we drove away.

"Your amazing" he laughed wiping his tears off his face

"I have my days" I smiled


The next day I woke up to the sound of a blow horn.

"What the hell!?" I screamed

Then I saw Zach laughing his ass off.

"I'm going to kill you" I growled

"I'd like to see" he said standing smugly

I threw a punch at his jaw. I pinned him to the wall holding his neck.

"Really cause all I got to do is squeeze" I smirked

He put his hands on my waist and smirked.

"You are so cute when your mad" he said

I kicked his balls and pulled his arms behind his back.

"Say that again I dare you" I threatened

"You cute when your mad" he repeated

I pulled his arms back further. He yelled in pain.

"Stop it" I said pulling arms back further but I was blushing. He can't know that though

He yelled again.

"Fine! I'll stop" He said

I let him go standing up.

"Now we are even" he said

"Oh. That's part one" I smiled evilly

"One? How many are there?" He asked

"2. 2 parts" I said

"Well then what's part 2" he asked nervously

"Awe is the big bad boy scared?" I cooed

"No" he said flexing

"Good" I said flexing too

His eyes got 3 times bigger.

"How the hell!?" He said

"I'm going outside" I said and he followed me

Once we were outside I pulled out a cigarette and threw one at him.

"Thanks" he muttered

As we smoked there was silence.

"What's your story" he asked me

"What do you mean" I said

"Your story. How did you get here" he said

"Um well my parents...weren't the best parents let's say. So I was.... taken out of custody of my parents—to say in a better way. Ive been fostered ever since" I said

"There's more than that" he pried

"No there isn't. My life is miserable. Just full of disappointment." I said looking away from him

"Life isn't full of disappointment" Zach said looking at me

"Maybe yours isn't, but that's all my life is. when I hope for something it gets crushed" I said looking back at him

"Sometimes it's better than nothing" he shrugged

I nodded walking inside before the conversation got deeper. I've never really been a fan of feelings.

Zach walked straight upstairs.

"Zach what are you doing" I asked following him

He walks inside my room looking around.

"No phone?" He asked

I shook my head "it's pretty much pointless when you don't really have any friends."

"What's this picture of?" He asked pointing to the painting.

I looked at the painting. The night before my only love died. I tear slid down but I quickly wiped it away.

"That's-thats a picture of my ex, Dylan" I said while tears stung at my eyes and my voice cracked a little.

"Oh I'm sorry" he apologized

"It's ok. There's no way you would've known" I muttered "That's a picture I painted of our last night together. Before he died the next day"

I cried a little saying this.

"I'm really sorry" he pulled me into a hug and I cried on his shoulder.

This is the only comfort I've gotten in about 4 months. I hugged him back knowing that I probably wouldn't get something like this for a long time.

I stopped crying and laughed. "It may be sad but this is the only comfort I've gotten in about 4 months."

He hugged me tighter and I held on.

"I'm sorry" I said

"For what" he asked

"Crying, your shirt, and you having to see me like this" I laughed

"It's fine" he said

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