Harry Styles Dirty imagine

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I think we've all thought about what it'd be like to wake up to Harry between our legs... 

I groaned as light came pouring in through the closed lids of my eyes. It was way too early to awake, but the sun had come up now and would stop me from falling back to the state of unconsciousness. 

Yawning, I rolled myself over to lie on my side, careful not to nudge the girl beside me. She looked so good in the morning, even without the make up she loved so dearly. In all honesty, I preferred her like this, hair cascading her heart shaped face, instead of it up in the usual loose ponytail, her lips parted a tiny portion as she exhaled. 

I slipped a hand beneath the sheets and over her waist, only to be met with her hot skin. Curious now, I pulled the covers back, biting my lip to stop any sound from leaving my lips as I saw what was beneath them. 

She was completely naked, her skin slightly flushed and her nipples tiny hardened rose buds on her chest. She was in deep slumber; her light snoring told me so. I wondered what she'd dreamt about. 

But she hadn't fallen asleep like that, though I had tried to persuade her to as she slipped into my Rolling Stones t-shirt. She'd thrown a pillow at my head in response. 

It was almost foolish for her to think that I wouldn't use this to my advantage. I wondered how she'd react if she woke to find my head buried deep between her legs, what her face would look like if she saw her little nub between my lips. Fucking beautiful, that's what. 

Slow and careful, I slipped my hand beneath her waist, shifting her toward my body. I didn't want to wake her just yet so I took my time, made a pattern of my lips to her skin, three quick peppered kisses, three deliberate kisses that had her skin attached to my lips a little longer than necessary. 

I let my tongue draw a circle around her belly button, my fingers taking hold of her thighs and spreading her legs for me. 

Pushing the tip of my nose against the skin just above her clit, I looked up to check on her. 

Her eyes were still closed and breathing still heavy, although I could feel her body tense beneath my touch; somehow aware. 

I kissed the skin of her inner thighs, nipping at her flesh. The scent of her sex drifted past my nostrils and I growled quietly. I wanted to pace myself but it teased me with every kiss I took nearer to it. 

I dipped into her all of a sudden, unable to keep my control any longer. I curved my tongue to cup her clit gently, pausing for a few seconds to prevent her from waking. I closed both my eyes and my mouth around her little nub, sucking it into the warmth of my mouth, and rolling it in a careful circle, wary of waking her up. Her thighs shivered in my hands and she breathed out a sleepy sigh, though her eyes stayed shut. 

I tried to be as gentle as I could, but it was difficult when I loved being between her legs so much. 

The sounds that escaped her unknowing body - tiny sighs and catching gasps - I enjoyed too, and soon I didn't want to be gentle anymore, thrashing my tongue against her instead to draw more of those noises from her lips. 

At this point I was so lost in her, her taste, her scent, her heat, that I forgot to take my time with her. I was holding her thighs too tight, the force of my tongue against her way too strong to not wake her from her slumber. Then suddenly, I felt the familiar touch of her fingers pushing back through my fringe and looked up to see her baby blue eyes as wide as the world as she gazed open mouthed at me. 

She blinked hard, as if to clear blurry sight and make sure she was really awake. She balanced her upper body on her arms, chest heaving up and down as she watched my tongue dance across her flesh. She bit her lip and rolled her hips forward, in sync with the movement of my tongue.