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prods pov

i called all the guys and told them to meet me at my house after school I was done playing all these games with these girls

*at prods house *

prod: I have a idea

roc: and what might that idea be

prod:I think we should kidnap all the girls I have my uncle's lake house in the back of the woods and none lives back their.

diggy: I know that sounds crazy but it also sounds like a good idea

ray: yeah that way noone can find them and we have them all to our self

Princeton: yeah I think we should even get those new girls they look pretty good

roc: all I want is Stephanie I feel she needs to learn her place

prod: so is everybody in

*all the boys *


prod: so we start getting them when we have them alone and bringing them to the house locking them in the basement until he have all of the deal

ray: got it

*they all went their separate ways and started thinking of a plan to get all the girls *

rocs pov

I know Stephanie is at the hair shop right so I'm just gonna play it off like I'm gonna take her to dinner and really take her their yeah that should work once her finished having that conversation to himself his phone rang it was Stephanie

*phone convo *

roc: what's up

Stephanie: I need To come get me from the shop

roc: alright I'm on my way

*he drove to the hair shop and honked his horn and she came out she had dyed her long hair red in the front and blond in the back and now it was curly *

once she got in the car

roc: baby you look beautiful I just wanted to apologize about earlier

Stephanie: thank you and it's cool as long as it doesn't happen again

roc: Dont worry and I want to take you out tonight to make up for it

Stephanie: alright

*they head home and start to get ready for the date about three hours later roc is ready and Stephanie is coming down in a blue tight fitted dress with some blue red bottom heels *

roc: dammm baby you look gorgeous

Stephanie: thanks bew *kisses him *

*they get in the car and rock starts driving the have been driving for awhile now and Stephanie is stating to question him where the were going he just kept saying don't worry just sit back and relax they pull up in front of a big house

Steph: what is this

roc:I got you some flowers

*he hands them to her *

she looks at them then smells them all of a sudden her vision started to get blurry the last thing she sees is rock staring down at her before she blacks out

*back at the school *

tyra and kammie were the only to left at the school the decided to stay back and get some extra help they hear some strange noises then see some men and black jump out if a closet they drop everything and start to run they start pulling door knobs trying to get in a room but the are all locked they finally find a unlocked class room and run in hoping the men didn't see them they run in the closet and get in the closet they were the men talking then searching for then they start to call their name

??:kammie & tyra come out where ever you are

*the hear the foot steps getting closer to the door but then hear it walk away they think it's all over but then the door opens


sorry it's short will try to update soon still in need of a Co writer

and thanks to the too the people who kiked me with those great idea ss


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