Chapter 18: Trouble

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Your POV:

We then went to the park across, Malcolm faced me. "I'm sorry" He mutters looking at the ground. "No I should be apologizing. I made a whole scene there, I'm just so tired of Nico and his friends bullying people that when I just met you he decides to beat you up.  I just don't understand" You blab out and he sticks to the same position for a while.

"Well maybe he likes you" Malcolm whispers, still looking at the ground. Your eyes then widen, "WHAT?! No, and if he did I'll never like him back" You reply.

"Well people can change"
Malcolm says slowly making eye contact with you. "Well I know that kid is unchangeable."

Malcolm just shrugged, "I think I have a napkin in here with a bottle" You say looking in your bag. "No I'm fine" Malcolm says quickly.

But you still got it out anyways. You then dipped water into the napkin. You then looked at him, "your lips bleeding" "c'mon y/n, I could go back home to fix myself up, I already dealt with this stuff." Malcolm said.

"You've been bullied before?" You asked he nods, "almost my whole life. I've managed to deal with that." He replies, calmly.

"Well let me do this real quick." You say leaning closer to him, his eyes widen a little by your closeness. You chuckled, you then placed the wet napkin on his bleeding lip, while cleaning it you decided to talk with him.

"Well don't worry I'll be your friend, I'll protect you" You blab out as little hints of pink came across your cheeks along with Malcolm.
Shit. He must think your making a move on him or something right? You don't even know nowadays. As much as you wanted that to happen it's too soon.

"Friend? Really?" He asked. "You never had a friend before?" You asked, puzzled. "No." He says his eyes saddening and looking at the ground. "Cheer up, I'm your friend" You smile. You finished cleaning his small but bloody cut, and got all your courage to lean in and hug him.

His shoulders stiffened, his cheeks turned pink again.

"S-sorry." You say, losing your embrace on him.
"N-no I uh... Liked it" He whispered under his breath.
Your cheeks turned pink too.

Out of the blue, you giggled, his heart jumped. Then, you heard a notification of your phone, right now you didn't want to see anyone right now except, Malcolm but you decided to see who it was. It was Annabeth.

You stared at the phone a while, did she hear, see what happened? Is she gonna ask a million questions?!

"So you gonna reply?" Malcolm asked. You fluttered your eyes a few times completely dumbfounded but nodded, "yeah," Malcolm chucked, taking your unawareness completely amusing.

You then read Annabeths message: Dude come now. I'm not gonna ask questions but someone else is, the principal. He's going to ask us all questions, don't worry just come now. And take whoever you were with too especially.

You then stared at Malcolm, "we need to go to school now." You say as you then groan. Your really going to get bullied for this. Especially, Drew.

I'm so fucked. You think but then you didn't realize that you said out loud. Malcolm laughed a little, "uh sorry" He said afterwards.

"No it's okay. Lets go" You replied with a slight smirk. He nodded and looked down. You sighed. You then came out of the park looking side by side, seeing if any cars are coming by the street, they weren't so you and Malcolm still went sprinting to school, scared.

When you reached school, you and him looked at each other and laughed a little. Your expression changed as you saw the two front door.
I'm totally fucked.

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