Chapter 1

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~Ed's Best Friend~

Chapter 1

Rose's POV

I always wanted to be a singer, but every time I told people about my plans for the future they laughed at me, telling me I should forget all about that and find a new, more 'realistic' dream.

There were two people who made me believe I could turn my dream into reality; My mother and Ed Sheeran.

My mother because she never stopped believing in me, she convinced me to write my own songs and to put them on Youtube. And Ed Sheeran because he proved that you can do it if you put your mind to it. 

His music just changed the lives of so many people. Something I want to do too.


"Honey, there is a really big orange tourbus waiting for you!" My mother shouts from downstairs.

"I'm coming." I shout back. I grab my suitcase and jacket and  run down the stairs. This is it, this is the moment I've been waiting for all my life, this is the moment I'm going to meet Ed Sheeran.


"Honey, there is someone on the phone for you." My mother says holding the phone in front of my face.

I give her a weird look and take it from her. Who could that be? I don't get calls. "Hello, this is Rose" I hold the phone against my ear.

"Hey Rose, this is Ed Sheeran. I'm calling to ask you something." Says the voice I love so much, the voice who sings my favorite songs ever, the voice I listen to every day, the voice that belongs to Ed Sheeran. I feel my heartbeat racing, I try to say something but nothing comes past my lips. Am I dreaming?

"Rose are you there?" I hear the voi..- Ed sheeran say.

"'U-uh-uhm y-yeah I'm still here." I stumble. 

"Oh good" He chuckles. "So I saw some of your videos on Youtube and I think your voice is lovely. And also, the thing is I'm still looking for an opening act for my UK tour,  so basically I want to ask you if you want to be my opening act?" 

Opening act? Me?

What am I going to say!? I can't say no!

 It's my dream! 

"W-Well I would love that, but I've never sang in front of so many people and I have school and stuff.." I hear the words leave my mouth. Really Rose you did not just use school as an excuse to not go on tour with THE Ed Sheeran!

"We can work on that, and the tour will be this summer so I don't think you have school then, right?"

"U-uhm no." I answer trying not to say something stupid again.

"Alright Rose, my manager is going to call you very soon and give you more information. I have to go so I guess I'll see you on tour. Bye Rose." Before I could  answer he hung up.

*End of Flashback*

"I'm going to miss you so much, be careful honey!" She pulls me into her arms. "Don't drink to much alcohol and no drugs, I repeat no drugs!" 

"What do you mean no drugs? I'm going for the drugs and the sex and the music!" I say trying not to laugh at my mom's face. "I'm joking mum, no drugs! I understand"

"Good, and stop the sarcasm honey it isn't charming"

"Hahahaha No, you should've seen your face hahahaha" I say between laughter.

"Alright, now put on your jacket before they drive away without you, and give me a kiss." She says turning her cheek in my direction.

I kiss her cheek and open the door. Before I can say something I get interrupted by a long and skinny lad with a huge afro.

"Hi Rose, I'm Bob and I drive this orange thing, some people call it a bus I rather use 'weird shaped orange' but you can call it whatever you want, capice? Now give me your Suitcase." Before I can actually hand him the suitcase he already pulls it out of my hands.

Strange bloke he is!

I give my mother one last hug. "Remember to eat fruit!" she whispers in my ear. I nod trying not to laugh at her overprotective behavior and pull myself out of her arms. Slowly I walk to the bus' door, waving one last time to my mum.  

This is it, this is going to be an adventure. I just know it.  And with no hesitation I open the door and walk into 'The weird shaped orange'.

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