Dating the Son of Zeus *12*

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"So to sum things up for you; Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. I hope you all took notes today because this will be on the next test!" Our teacher yelled out as the final bell rang. I, along with my friends, hadn't bothered with notes in any of our classes, and especially not this one. I glanced at Penelope who had wore a smile the entire class. We walked out of the school together. I inhaled deeply, it was nice to have some fresh air, even if it was muggy city air. I hated feeling so couped up in that building all day.

"Well I take it you rather enjoyed that class today didn't you Penelope?" Perseus asked as we started down the steps.

"Yes, well, it was a nice change of pace from hearing about Aphrodite all day yesterday," she said. Penelope loved her mom and was closer to her than any of us were to our parents. She had always gotten along with her mother and in all honesty, I envied her for it. For as long as I can remember I have always wanted that close and happy relationship with my father. No matter how hard I worked for it it never seemed to happen. I've always done everything he's asked of me and still I'm lucky to recieve a pat on the back, nevermind getting words such as "I'm proud of you son", or "I love you ". I rolled my eyes at the thought of it. I was drawn out of my pity party by a warm hand on my arm. Turning I saw that I was looking into the beautiful face of Sophia.

"Hey," I said hypnotized by her smile.

"Hey," she returned. "I hadn't gotten a chance to talk to you today." 

With that I felt Penelope move to my ear and say, "We'll be at the car." I nodded once before turning my attention back to Sophia. Since I had dropped her off at her doorstep a few days ago, I hadn't really seen or talked to her. I decided to take a break from seeing her in her dreams, even though I wanted to so badly. I didn't want to suffocate her. I was afraid of pushing her away and that was the very last thing I wanted.

"Well I'm here now," I said giving her my biggest smile. She returned it and started to walk to where her car was parked.

"So I was wondering if you happened to be doing anything this weekend?" she asked while staring straight ahead.

"My schedule is completely open," I said, trying not to sound so eager.

"Well, this weekend, all the nuns at the orphanage are putting on the annual bar-b-que and we are in need of someone to man the grill. I was wondering if you might be up for...." I didn't let her finish.

"I'd love to," I said. She laughed and it was that same wonderful sound. Hearing her laugh always had the same effect on me. It made me smile and feel warm all over. The sound of her laughter was something that I wanted to always hear. It was a lot like feeling her kiss, or her touch, I never wanted it to end.

"Great!" she said smiling at me. "It's this Saturday at the orphanage. Be there by 11 so we can start cooking early."

I nodded my head, not even realizing that we had made it to her car. I watched as she opened the passenger door to her old, tan four door car. I hadn't really ever taken in the look of it, but seeing it now, it wasn't hard to tell that it was old. I mean really old. The paint was worn and in some spots there wasn't any. The door screeched when opened and taking a peek at the interior I saw that it was full of holes, everywhere. Things like this only helped to remind me that even though Sophia looked beautiful and held an air of confidence, her background and upbringing were completely different. I quickly looked back at her. "11 sharp. I'll be there," I said.

I watched as her wide smile slowly turned to her sly smirk as she took a step closer to me. Her hair was up today, but a stray stand seemed to have gotten loose. I reached my hand up and pushed it behind her ear. I watched as her eyes locked with mine. I was under her spell, there wasn't anything I could do. Her deep blue eyes were all I could focus on. At that point, she could have told me to jump off a cliff and I wouldn't have thought twice about it. Like last time, our bodies seemed to take over and were naturally drawn together. The next thing I knew, there was no space between us and I found myself leaning down to close the distance between our lips. The feelings were the same as before. I found my entire body tingling, goose bumps were all over, and that same electric feeling was coursing throughout me. The only difference from last time was that it didn't last nearly as long. Way too soon, she pulled away. Looking up at me with that crafty smile she said, "I'm looking forward to Saturday." I could only nod. I watched as she climbed in her car and drove off. I was still standing there watching after her when Leonidas pulled up in the car with the rest of my friends.

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