Chapter Twelve

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The next week flew in, and the one after that, and soon enough it was William and I's last night Fairy Floss before he had to be handed in tomorrow.
The score on the back of his neck was now at 82, but it's alright because we needed higher than 60 to pass, which we have.

Things with William and I are.. well alright you could say, kind of awkward sometimes.
I still can't believe the three weeks are basically over and I didn't fall in love with William, in all honesty, I thought something would have happened between us, and as much as I denied it to Violet, Olivia and Amelia, I think I did want something to happen.
I know now that I'm not his type, he likes to go for the stupid girls, the ones who degrade themselves to thinking boys own them, and that they need to have sex with the hottest boy in school to be popular.

I wish they would stop being bitches for a second so someone could show them what they're doing and how it actually makes them look.

William is out right now, like most weekends, even though it's Sunday and we have school tomorrow.

I was currently sitting on the couch, reading some article that came up on my Facebook news feed telling me how Disney movies are connected.
It was actually really interesting, and I was really getting into it.

It took me about three minutes to realise that fairy floss had 'woken' from his late night slumber and started to cry.
I turned to the plastic doll and sighed "Stop crying for just a second, do you think it makes stuff easier?"

Yes, I am talking to a doll, this is what my life has become.


Once it hit 11:34 pm I decided to stop waiting up for William to come back to the apartment, usually, he wouldn't go out on a Sunday and if he did he would be back before 10, but these last couple of days he has been acting strangely.
He started to clean up after himself and would help out more with the doll, it's a shame the three weeks are over.

I took fairy floss up the stairs and lay him on William's side of the bed, slowly letting myself drift into a dreamless sleep.


"What?" I grumbled, sitting up with my right arm hiding my face from the previously closed curtains that were now wide open letting the sun hit me.

"It's 6:30, you might want to get up" I could see his tall, muscular frame standing in the doorway of the bedroom.

I finally began to become aware of my surroundings "When did you get home?"

"Home? Is that what we're calling this now?" I couldn't see his face clearly from where he was standing but I could tell he was smirking.
"Well babygirl, I got 'home' at around 3 am, have you got a problem" He started walking towards me, the light shining perfectly on his face making all his best features stand out.

He called me babygirl oh my god.
At the sudden realisation that I was wearing the skimpiest of pyjamas and has just woken up, I pulled the white quilt over my body.

He came and sat down at the end of my side of the bed.
It was only now I realised that he was already ready for school.

"Are you going to get ready or what? I'll sort fairy floss out" He chuckled, seeing the panic in my eyes as he was close to me must've made his feel some sort of bad, and made him get up and take fairy floss down the stairs.


okay please don't hate me, I know I haven't updated in forever and I know this chapter makes no sense and is useless and short but I promise this is only the start of this book, I have much bigger plans.

I only used this as an excuse for Darcy and William to get to know each other

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