Things you need to know about me

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HEY GUYS WIDEYE PRIME IS IN! So I just tell some things about me! :)

I like rainbows 

I like pretty lights

I like the smell of flowers and nice perfumes

I like unicorns especially the one who call himself Unicron but he refuses he that is not one but I know his secret. HEHEHEHEHEHE

I was born with Wideyes for some reason....................

My friends are Unicorn, Mega Eyebrows Tron, Slenderwave, ShockingWave, RC, Fat Greenie, Racket, High Heels and many more transformers!!!!!!!

So I hope you guys enjoy this book, see ya guys later. 

Wideye Prime out!

Hey guys I hope you get to know Wideye Prime more and don't worry he is a awesome guy to meet! I just give you the nicknames he gives to other transformers including himself!

Unicorn: Unicron

Wideye Prime: Optimus Prime

Mega Eyebrows Tron: Megatron 

Slenderwave: Soundwave

Shockingwave: Shockwave

RC: Arcee

Scoutbot: Bumblebee

Fat Greenie: Bulkhead

Needy: Ratchet

High Heels: Starscream

Dragonborn: Predaking

Knock Knock: Knockout