53. Morning

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53. Morning

We were scrambling about trying to get ready for today. Today I had to work.

"Babe, should I give you a ride I mean i'll be at the gym with Damon and its nearly right there." Harry poked his head through the door way of the bathroom as I checked out the different angles of my hair making sure the messy bun was neatly put together.

"If you want." I smirked. He smiled pushing off and going away. I smiled in the mirror and picked my glasses up putting them on. I looked in the mirror one last time. I shrugged to myself not really fussy over what I was wearing. I walked out and grabbed my over the body purse and walked to the door and slid on my keds.

"Ready?" Harry asked sliding on his converse as he came up from behind.

"Yeah." I agreed. He locked our hands together and looked down at me before leaving.

"You're so beautiful."

"Oh hush it." I scrunched my nose and pulled him out the front door.

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