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"A Fearless Warrior" (Tanzis 1) by S. Johnson

When modern-day Jessa wakes up in the middle of nowhere and appears to be in the 1500s, she must face tough battles, fighting for her loved ones and her kingdom. But in the process, will Jessa find true love or just another person to rule over?

Told in sarcasm, sass and truth, this story will have you wanting more with the feels from compassion to hate. This story is perfect for people that love adventure and secret places to hide. "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

This is an original work so I ask that you do nothing that can compromise its integrity, and I have worked hard on this. I have respect for this website and I hope that you also have respect for it. I hope to someday be a published author so any comments you could make would be greatly appreciated, since I would always like to improve. I also wrote this when I was fourteen, which in my short life, seems like long ago (only less than four years or so).

Songs that I thought might make a good soundtrack (some of these songs include swear swords and sexual innuendo, which is their own meaning to the musicians/writers/producers. I obviously don't own any of the music, all rights to them.):

1.1: "Only If for a Night" by Florence and the Machine

1.2. "Love You Better" by Oh Land

1.3. "Who You Are" by Jessie J

1.4. "Pass Them By" by Agnes Obel

1.5. "I Know You Care" by Ellie Goulding

1.6. "Young Blood" by Bea Miller

1.7. "Youth" by Foxes

1.8. "Clocks" by Kat Dahila

1.9. "Never Be Alone" by Shawn Mendes

1.10. "The Wolf" by Mumford and Sons

1.11. "Take It All" by Ruelle

1.12. "New Constellations" by Ryn Weaver

1.13. "Make a Shadow" by Meg Myers

1.14. "Heart Like Ours" by The Naked and Famous

1.15. "The Voyager" by Jenny Lewis

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