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Lucas pov.

Yn - Your not even paying me attention.

Me - I am .

Yn - Then what did I just say ?

Me - ...

Yn - I want to strangle the fuck out of you rn. Dumb ass game.

I ignored Yn as I played Call of duty. She kissed our daughter on the cheek, who just turned one 4 days ago. Yn had a meeting to attend. She walked out the house leaving me Milan and our two dogs. A grown Pit bull and yorkie that was still a puppy.

Narrator pov

Lucas was into his game and Milan was playing wit the yorkie 'Bubbles'. And their Pit Bull 'Rocky' has been a horny fellow lately. He keeps trying to have sex with bubbles. Yn has been breaking it up because bubbles is still young and she doesnt want Her having puppies.

Milan was playing with bubbles and here comes Rocky trynna bust a nut.

He gets on top and she is on the floor helpless. Milan really wants to play with bubbles but she cant get Rocky off her. So she crawls over to Lucas.

When she reaches him she grabs his pant leg to help her stand up. She walks a little untill she reaches his shoulder and she looses her balance. Falling onto his lap. He picks her up and sits her in front of him. She kept trying to get his attention.

Milan : da da ! *staring into the dinning room wher thr dogs were*

Lucas thinks shes looking for attention so he kisses her cheek and looks back at his game. Milan tries to say "puppy" but it sound likes shes saying "mummy"

Lucas: Mommy's not here now baby girl.

Milan: Mummy ! Mummy !

Lucas finally gives her his full attention. And tries to play with her , because thats what he thinks she trying to get his attention for.

He tries to play with her but her eyes is locked on the dogs in the dinning room. She still tries to say puppy but says " bubby "

Milan: Bubby ! Bubby ! *pointing to the dinning room*

Lucas " Ohh !! You mean puppy . You want the puppy ?

She just looked in the dinning room and pointed . That made Lucas look. He seen rocky on top of bubbles. His first thought was he suffocated her because Rocky is huge and bubbles is tiny .The other reason is she wasnt making any noise.

Lucas: oh sh-

He cut his self off because he didnt like to curse in front of Milan.

He ran to the dinning room with Milan following behind. He put Rocky out side and walked back in. He got back to his game while Milan played with bubbles.

2.5 weeks later

Lucas and Yn were in a dark cornee of the basement. Bubbles was laying on a blanket and 4 newborn puppies were drinking her milk..


It ended kinda weird..but can yal PLEASSEE read my story on Ixiiimmii page called " My Teacher " tell me how it is. 2 chapters are out & I have more drafts. For a S/o maybe? I just need feedback

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