The meeting

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Packed! Yes packed, thats what the school was. We had just reached the parking lot and it was packed with kids. After 10 minutes of trying to find the perfect parking spot, we finally found one.

Just as we got out of the car, girls had surrounded us trying to get my brother attention. Well of course they would my brother was what they called "the golden boy" with his brown hair and honey eyes ... Girls couldn't get a enough of him and being the star athlete was just a bonus for him.

As for me... I wasn't particularly popular but people knew me and as for guys I was just average u could say. My brown hair was usually straight and my hazel eyes weren't anything special like Tris's.

Guys went crazy for Tris.. She was gorgeous with her dark hair and blue eyes and curvy body. Guys just couldn't take their eyes off her. Well every guy except jay .... He always had something against my best friend. Always telling her she was ugly when everyone knew it was just the opposite.

"Katie?" Tris's voice called breaking my thoughts.
"Ready to go"
"You know it "

With that we made our way towards the front of the school just to be stopped by a huge crowd blocking the entrance.

"Hey what's going on" Tris asks a random dude.
"Seems somebody tried to mess Kai peters bike and he ain't so happy about it"
"Oh" was all that came out of my mouth.
A fight on the first day of school.... Isn't that just great... If there's a fight we all know Kai peters is involved.

Kai peters was what you would call "the bad boy". He's the type to miss every class, get into fights, steal others girls and not to give a shit about anything. The type girls would go crazy for. I mean why wouldn't you when the bad boy look like a god damn Greek god with his dark black hair and his ocean blue eyes even lesbians would turn straight for him.

"Kai peters does it again" an annoying voice startles me. I turn around to see my other best friends Grey and Jessica who we call Jess. "Hey guys" tris and I say.

"Hey lets go to the front I wanna get Kai peters beating the shit out of someone on camera" grey says.

We make our way through the crowd to the front to see Kai peters holding Chase hunter the second "golden boy" who also happens to be my brothers best friend against the wall.

"C'mon man just let it go, it was just a harmless joke" chase says

"Breaking your bones seem pretty harmless too... Would you let that go?" Kai scowls back

"Like you could break my bones" chase sneers back... If looks could kill chase would be six feet under right now with look Kai was giving him.

"Wanna bet" Kai says as he lifts his fist to Chase's pretty boy face just to be stopped by Jay....Wait what jay?!!? is he crazy coming in between a fight precisely Kai peters fight?

" Hey stop it both of you unless you'd like to get suspended on the first day of school" jay speaks up

"Look man I ain't looking for trouble but your pretty boy friend here thinks it's funny messing with other people's properties" Kai says

"It was just a harmless joke, ok " jay says..." Besides it wouldn't matter if your bike got scratched a bit since it practically garbage now" and that was the mistake my idiot brother made.

Kai's face had turned from calm to "I'm going to kill u" in a matter of seconds ... Like seriously I swear I saw fire burning in his eyes. Kai lifts his fist again and me being a concerned sister I am run in between Kai's fist and brothers face without even knowing it.

Just as Kai's fist connect with my face I swear the life was being drawn out of me I felt like I was being skinned alive by that impact of his fist and I knew for sure it would leave a mark.

"Shit" is the only that come out of Kai mouth

"Holy crap... Are u crazy Katie?!?" jay snaps at me

"A bit .. I think... You know can't really think straight at this point seeming as I just decided to do this" I mumble

" Man your sisters one hella of a girl" Chase says as he looks at me, scanning his pervy eyes up and down my body.

Now I'm thinking maybe shorts weren't a great ide-

"OMG KATIE! are you okay? can you understand me? should I call an ambulance? OMG that punch is for sure gonna leave a bruise! we should probably get ice for that! Mayb-

"I'm fine" I say cutting of tris's ranting.. I love this girl but sometimes she just needs to shut the hell up.

"Why the hell did you have to come in between my punch... Do u have a death wish women" Kai questions me

"I just couldn't watch my brother get hurt okay" I answer back with a small voice

"Whatever just never do it again or I'll do worse than just a punch to your face, understood" Kai threatens

Shivers run through my body as he says that ... Okay so I was scared of Kai peters but than again who wasn't

"U-understood" I stutter

"And tell that idiot brother of yours and his delinquent friend if I ever see them near me or my bike I won't hesitate to hurt them .... Is that clear"

"Crystal" I gulp

"Good" I relax as he turns around to walk away. Just as I thought I was in the clear he speaks up again.

"Hey brave girl I would take your friends advice and put some ice on your face .. Now we wouldn't want to ruin your pretty little face would we" Kai smirks as he walks in the school leaving me totally shocked and frozen in place.

Did Kai peters just call my face pretty??

As I look around I see the whole entire crowd staring at me with shocked expressions.

"What never seen a girl stand up for her brother, don't you guys have somewhere else to be other than to stare at me all day" that seems to break people's trance as they begin to walk away leaving me with 3 best friends, idiot brother and his delinquent friend.

"That was amazing and to think I actually got Kai peters flirting with our miss sunshine Katie on camera" grey exclaims

"He was not flirting with me okay more like threatening , yup threatening is definitely the word" I argue back

"OMG did you see the look on Kai's face when he punched you instead of jay" Jessica laughs

"Greys right that was pretty amazing of you Katie .. Just don't do it again you got it" jay tells me

"Yah" I say as chase and him walk to class along with grey and Jess leaving me alone with my best friend who is currently burning holes through my back with her glares.

"What" I finally state

"What? what is all you have to say after mr.hotshot just called you pretty" tris asks me a bit to happy about this

"It's nothing I bet he calls tons of girls pretty .. Lets just get to class before we get detention again on the first day of school" I say trying to change the topic

" Your right , lets go " tris says as she hooks her arm in mine and we make our way to class. Oh boy this year is sure gonna be hell of a ride I think.


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