1.New School

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"Can you tell I'm KJ??" I ask in frustration. I currently have on fake braces, round nerd glass, and no make up. Yes, KJ is my stage name if you're wondering.

"For the thousandth times nooo" My manager groan. "Now get out, if I'm late JYP will kill us both." He said as he push me out of the van and quickly drive away. Gosh what's with the hurry I thought to myself as I look at the open gate.

"This is it Jinhee, this is your new school life." I let out a sigh. Hope no one will recognize me or else it will be like my old high school all over again, speaking of it give me chills. Imagine having to reject countless of love confession everyday, having no privacy, fake friends, and did I mention some sasaengs try to kidnap me??

But this time will be different!! I will finally have a peaceful school life. Without further thought, I walk inside with the paper that have the room number inside my hands.
This school is alright, they're pretty clean and neat I guess. I walk though the hallway full of students. None of them seems to recognize me hehe.

"Pfts nerdd." I heard a girl said while looking at me then her friends start to laugh. I just shrug it off then continue my way. What I notice is that the girls here wear their skirt shorter then it suppose to be, but whatever, that's none of my concern.


Ah shitt I didn't even find my class yet. J-7......where the hell is it. After a few minute of running, I finally find the room. I swear this school is big af. I nervously open the door ....the class was loud, no one even notice I came in. Bruh

"Umh....are you the new transfer student?" The teacher broke the silence.

"Yes." I replied.

"Ok class, SILENCE" she spoke. The class finally look at me, but they look like they don't even care.
"We have a new student, please introduce yourself" she look at me.

"M-My name is Kim Jinhee" Gosh why did I stutter. "I'm a transfer student please take care of me" I finish with a bow.

I heard some student mumble "no one cares".

"Alright, Jinhee, I'm Mrs. Lee, I'll have you sit over there. " She pointed to the empty seat in the back next to the window.

"Thank you." I bow to her then walk to my desk.
I could feel the heavy atmosphere around me as I sit down. It seems like the girls are giving me a dirty look for some reason.

I take out my supplies and ready to take notes. Once again I look around the classroom and I notice almost all the girls are looking in the same direction. I follow their gaze then find myself looking at a boy next to my seat. He had his head down, I think he's sleeping. Man the girls' giggles are so annoying.

The boy suddenly lift his head up which give me a shock. The others fangirling louder now. Is he an idol or something?

"What are you looking at?" The cold voice snap me out of my thought. Shit, I was in deep thought I didn't even notice I was staring at him.

Wow, he's so good looking. He untuck his shirt which makes him look so cool.......goddam it Jinhee snap out of it!

"Are you deaf? Stop looking at me" He said with an obvious annoyance in his time.

Oh he's rude.


"Are you deaf? Stop looking at me" I said. Thanks to the teacher now I have another annoying fangirl to deal with.

"Pftss" She roll her eyes then turn away.
Wat? Did that nerd just roll her eyes at me? The hell.

After a while, the teacher start teaching then I saw everyone else taking notes.
I glance over to the nerd while wondering that maybe she's new that's why she act like that, I bet after she found out more about me, she'll just start drooling for me just like every girl in this building.

In the mean time, I toss my notebook on her desk. I don't feel like taking notes today. She look at my notebook then glance at me in confusion.
"Take note." I demanded. She continue to look at me like I'm crazy then go back to what she was doing. I guess I'll just take this time for a nap.


Don't judge a book by its cover.

The cover of this book might be amazing and the amount of reads is insane but this is the first ever fanfic of a 14 yr old who's too lazy to edit even years after it was published so expect to see some questionable and stoopid shiet lmao

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