Chapter 2

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When it was break time you got
off your seat and went to your best friend Jessica
" YAH. stop drooling over that boy and lets go eat I'm hungry "
" but he is so cute and sexy I just can't stop looking at him "
" come on let's go "
" fine "
You and your best friend went to go and get your lunches together and sat down at a table. You heard screaming & cheering again and then it got loud in the lunch room. You saw 6 good looking boys enter but someone was missing you tried to figure it out who it was. But you gave up. It got so loud and nosy that you were getting tired of all this noise so you told you best friend you were going to leave. You wanted to find a quiet place to stay and the one place you could think of was the roof top. You went up the stairs and when you got up to the roof top you took in the fresh air
" what are you doing up this is my place to stay " you heard someone and turned around
jimin's POV
When break time came I went to meet up with the rest of BTS In THE front of the school. Jhope hyung suggested that we go inside the lunch room and eat but I didn't want to go because of all the screaming girls
" hey hyung I think I'm going to skip lunch today "
" okay "
After they left I wanted to go somewhere quiet and sleep so I went to the roof top. There was a bench on the roof top so I laid there. I was laying there for about 10min until I heard someone come up. I looked at saw that girl that sits next to me.
" what are you doing up here this is my place to stay " I said to her.  She jumped a little and turned around a looked at me.
Your POV
I heard someone and turned around and saw jimin.
" I just needed a quiet place to stay "
" well you can't be up here because this is my quiet place "
You thought to yourself of how rude his attitude was. You were standing there when you saw him pull out a box of cigarettes and was surprised because you didn't think he would be a smoker you went over there took the cigarette from his hand
" YAHHH were not suppose to be smoking here "
He took the cigarette from your hand
" I can smoke if I want too this is not your problem "
" even if it isn't my problem smoking is bad and we can't be smoking up here "
" your not my mom okay "
You just looked at him and gave him a disgusted look when he took his first puff from the cigarette. You heard the bell rang
" whatever we should really be going before were late "
" I will come when I want to "
You just left him and quickly ran to class. The day was ending and you were ready to go home and sleep. You were walking out of the class when Mrs. Lee called you over to her desk and you saw the one and only park jimin also standing by her desk you thought you were going to get in trouble from what happened earlier today at the roof top.
" yes Mrs.lee "
" y/n you are one of the top student in our class and I would appreciate it if you could tutor jimin for the test coming up this week "
Phew good thing it wasn't about what happened at the roof top. But when you heard her request you were surprised because you didn't want to tutor this stubborn kid.
You looked at your teacher and at jimin you wanted to say no but it was your teacher and you didn't want to say no
" sure I would be glad to help tutor jimin "
" thank you y/n "

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