I'm so sick and tired of acting like I'm fine, 'cause truthfully, I'm not.

I can't even talk to you without being so incredibly sad.

You were the person who was always supposed to be there for me, my best friend, my everything...

 and you ruined it all because of him.

It all started with a simple fights then suddenly turned into rivalry.

The two of us were best friends once but as time went by, I realized that things change, to be specific, people change.

This thought of mine have done so many cracks in my mind and also in my heart.

I never expected that this storm would come to us and ruined our friendship.

Small things that were left abandoned became our biggest problem in life...

 I am Aileen dela Vega, and this is my story.



Another short story ^_______^v Wala po kasing magawa. Hahaha. Hope you'll like it.

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