Doctor Who

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After Gwen joined the crew, I spent more time going through old files. She pretty much took over everything so I could do whatever I wanted. I dug through them and I found a folder labeled "Docotor Who?" I went through it and I found tons of photos of a man with barely any hair and a stick, labeled sonic screwdriver. There was also a man with rakish dark hair, and a long coat wit the same instrument, just a different person. I also looked at photos of three girls named Rose, Martha, and Donna and an older woman named Jackie, plus a boy called Mickey. There were so May filed and papers. It was like Dad was tracking these men. But there was never a name. Just The Doctor. Being a bit of a technican, I looked over a lot of his machines, such as the robot dog, the sonic screwdriver, and the tardis, which was labeled as a Time And Relaitve Dimensions In Space. I stuffed those pages in my pockets so that I could work on trying to build some myself. I was about to slip the the file back into the cabinet, when I noticed something behind it. I picked it up and it was a canister filled with liquid and a hand. An actual human hand. I looked it over an found that it was a combination lock. I pulled out my screwdriver and started working. That's when I heard the door open behind me.

"Airiana, what are you doing?" Dad. I quickly stopped and hid my screwdriver behind my back.

"Dad! I can explain!" I said. He walked past me, took the hand a put it back, put away the files, then pushed me out of the room. 

"If I told you once I told you a thousand times! Stay out of my files! Then he shut the door.

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