Harry Styles Ps. You're still mine

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This is my first time writing one direction stories so please give me some ideas
"Ugh why is he so annoying!" I yell as I step into the shower. Harry and I got into a fight again so I decided to take a shower because it always helped me clear my mind. "He thinks he owns me and thinks that he can control my life. Calling me his like he owns my body or something. Ugh he's so frustrating" I think to myself.

I start humming to (favorite song) as I finish taking a shower. I step out the shower and dry myself as I step into my room. Then I find Harry sitting on the bed. He looks at me up and down.

Harry gets up and steps closer to me as I step back. I eventually hit the wall and he smirks. "H-Harry?" I ask frightened. He pins me to the wall.

"Sshhh baby girl." He whispers in my ear. He starts to kiss my neck and I moan. "Harry... I'm s-still mad at you".

"I know but it doesn't matter because you're still mine" he chuckles.

He pulls the towel away from me and I try to cover myself up but he pins my arms to the wall. "Don't ever hide yourself from me" he tells me sternly. All I do is nod while biting my lip. It always turned me on when he was like this in bed. But I hated when he was like this all the time.

I wrapped my legs around his waist. And kiss him passionately. We battle for dominance but he wins.

As the kiss deepens I unbutton his pants and they drop to the floor. We break the kiss so that he can take off his shirt and boxers. I run my hands through his hair as we start to kiss again. We end up on the bed and I whisper in his ear "I want you now". And with that Harry slams into me making me gasp in pleasure.

He pulls out almost all the way and slams into me again. He starts to thrust in to me at an amazing pace but it's not enough. "Harder!" I yell as I wrap my legs around his waist. He starts to go harder than ever before and I feel my stomach tighten.

"Ahhh H-Harry!" I moan

"Yes. Say my name"


"Louder" he demands

"Ahhh HARRY!" I yell at the top of my lungs.

We cum the same time and he lays next to me. "That was amazing" Harry pants. "Yup but I'm still pissed"

"Haha you can't stay mad forever. Ps you're still mine"

My first one direction lemon..... don't request anything because if you have read my anime lemons, you'll know that I suck at updating crap so...... plus I'm a freshmen >~< highschool isn't as easy as I thought it would be ugh ....

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