1. Lairiel

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Queen Lairiel of the Woodland Realm, walked soundlessly through the forest of her home. Upon her brow was a circlet of twined leaves, of golden hues, reds and deep purples, that extenuated her long, flowing, sun coloured hair. She was tall and pale as the stars, her eyes were an ice blue, keen and alert and sparkled with life every time she laughed or sang.

She wore an outer coat of deep, forest green, with a high collar and its hems were long and trailed to the ground behind her. It buttoned to her waist were it tapered to reveal a dress of shimmering silver. She went bare foot and silently, and about her throat was clasped a glowing, amber stone, held by a beautiful golden chain.

This stone was said to hold the enchanted sap of the great trees of the Valar, that grew in the undying lands. It was said that those that held it could evoke the protection of the natural world. Those that possessed the stone were gifted in the hearing of the whispers of trees, and could revive and restore the natural woodland in which they dwelt. This was Lairiel's bloodline, the stone belonged to her kin and had been passed down the generations all the way from her Teleri ancestors. Though her powers were only a shadow of Queen Melian, nor could they match that of the Lady Galadriel, they were however, enough to help her people rest easier, among the trees of their Greenwood home.

Yes, it was true that Greenwood the Great had fallen under a dark curse, a shadow grew in the south, striking the great forest with a black sickness that choked the goodness from its very roots. The men of middle earth now called it Mirkwood and feared to journey through it. The power of her people only held the darkness at bay, but Lairiel still held hope that one day she would see her home restored, if not for her and her husband, then for her children.

A smiled stretched across her face, as the thoughts of her two children warmed her and lifted her spirits.

Legolas her handsome and strong son, was her eldest. Bright as a button and sharp as a fox, his boundless energy and insatiable curiosity kept her entertained. Though his thrist for adventure and increasing skill for combat worried her deeply, his skill with a bow was becoming quickly renowned and he spent much time honing his skill and training diligently. It did not help that his Father encouraged this.

Lairiel sighed absently, for she was grateful - at least - that his personality matched hers. Optimistic and ever cheerful, he was hard to discourage, though sometimes arrogant and more than a little proud. She shook her head and lingered over the happy memories of her son's youth, he was growing fast and soon would braid his hair and take on the responsibilities of a warrior and serving his King and people. But for now though he was still her little boy - innocent and uncorrupted by the changing world.

As the Queen turned a corner, her attention focused on two familiar figures not but a few metres from her. She broke into a dazzling smile.

Her husband, King Thranduil, stood at the base of an oak, in his arms he rocked their daughter, Ellenya. She was still a young elfling, but Lairiel noted each day how her features shifted ever so gently from childlike to youthful, soon she would be too old to enjoy being carried by her parents.

Ellenya was beautiful and enchanting, much like most of the Eldar. Her misty blue eyes held a dream like quality that matched her Father's. The opposite of her brother, she was a somber child and her thoughts ran deep. Her imagination was vivid, and Lairiel had spent many a day fighting dragons and finding hidden treasures in secret worlds with her daughter. But Lairiel did worry that Ellenya struggled to show emotion and like her Father, she was stubborn and quick tempered...qualities that were not at all ladylike! It would be a hard road to teach Ellenya to be an endearing princess. However, Ellenya was magnetic and held the attention of her peers, daring to be different, she would make a strong leader - that Lairiel was sure of.

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