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Short sex stories boyxboy

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Boy x Boy (Short Sex Story)

Rated R (don't read if you can't handle it)


"So this is where you've been Aaron" someone said as arms wrapped around him. Aaron puts his head back and said "Marcus I told you I was at home and how did you get in here?"

Marcus look down at Aaron and put keys in front of his face. "You gave me these remember and I don't recall you saying that you were leaving" Marcus said

Aaron got out of Marcus arms and turned around to face him "I did" Aaron slightly yelled. Marcus pulled Aaron closer and said "no you didn't and I think you deserve a punishment".

Marcus grabs Aaron by the shirt and drags him to the bed. "W-wait Marcus" Aaron yelled. Marcus ignored Aaron and threw him on the bed. Aaron landed with a thump. "Ow" Aaron whined.

Marcus got on top of him and started to pull off Aaron shirt "I wonder how I should punish you" Marcus asked. Aaron looked at Marcus and answer "I don't know but, lets not do this today"

Marcus bends down and bites down on Aaron's neck. "That's not what I wanted to hear" Marcus murmur. Aaron try's to fight back a moan. Marcus takes one of his hands and puts it down Aaron pants.

"I wanna hear you" Marcus smirk. He started rubbing Aaron's cock. "F-fuck" Aaron groans. Marcus smirks and pulls Aaron into a kiss. He also continue to rub Aaron's cock but, a little more faster.

Aaron starts to moan in Marcus mouth. Marcus sticks his tongue in Aaron's mouth and starts exploring it. "Mm" Aaron hummed. He starts rubbing against Marcus.

Marcus stop kissing Aaron and looks up at him. "I thought you wanted me to stop" Marcus smirk. He takes his hand out of Aaron's pants.

"A-ah please don't s-stop" Aaron whined. Marcus laughs "oh so, you want it then". Aaron nods his head "p-please". Marcus smirked and pulled Aaron pants down.

"You gotten so hard" Marcus smirk. Aaron looks away blushing. "It's okay, I'll make you feel real good" Marcus chuckled. He then pulls down Aaron's boxers.

Aaron shivered from the coldness that hits him. Aaron saw Marcus licks his lips. His dick started twitching, begging for attention. "Awe look, its begging for attention" Marcus pointed out.

Marcus bend down and took Aaron's dick in his mouth. "A-ah" Aaron moaned. He began to suck Aaron's dick fast while playing with his balls. "A-ah yes" Aaron continued to moan.

He then took Aaron's dick completely in his mouth, deep throating him. "F-fuck I'm going to a-ah" Aaron moaned. Marcus toke Aaron's dick out his mouth and smirk "not yet".

"Flip over" Marcus command. Aaron listen and flip on his stomach. "Stick your ass up" Marcus commanded again. Once again Aaron listen and stuck his ass out.

Marcus stuck his tongue in Aaron's hole. Aaron arch back and moaned "Ah". Marcus started sticking his tongue in and out Aaron's hole while putting one finger inside. Aaron starts

to moan even more.

Marcus takes his tongue out and stuck two fingers in Aaron's hole. Aaron starts moaning uncontrollably. Marcus starts stretching Aaron hole and adds one more finger. "A-ah I w-want something b-bigger" Aaron moaned.

Marcus took his fingers out and started to rub his dick between Aaron ass. "I'm sorry what was that, Aaron" Marcus teased. "F-fuck me" Aaron begged. Marcus smirked "whatever you say".

Marcus thrust hard in Aaron. "A-ah move" Aaron moaned. Marcus started thrusting in Aaron fast and hard. All you can hear is Aaron moans filling the room and the slapping of skin.

"F-faster oh god h-harder" Aaron whined with tears in the corner of his eyes. Aaron grabs the bed sheets real hard as, Marcus pounds into him harder and faster.

Marcus flipped Aaron over and said "I wanna see your face". As Aaron is flipped over, he spread his legs more.

Marcus starts thrusting in Aaron again but, even faster and harder.

"Damn d-don't stop" Aaron cried out. Marcus pulled Aaron into a mind-blowing kiss. The thrusting and the tongue kissing were driving Aaron insane. "Mm" Aaron moaned in Marcus mouth. Marcus stopped kissing Aaron and starts thrusting in him very fast & hard.

"Oh g-god I'm going to c-cum" Aaron cried out. "Cum for me baby" Marcus said while grabbing Aaron's dick and starts pumping it fast. This set Aaron over the edge and he exploded all over Marcus & hisself.

"Fuck so tight" Marcus moaned thrusting deep in Aaron. Aaron arch his head back and moaned "so deep". After two more deep thrusts, Marcus cum deep inside Aaron. "A-ah" Marcus moaned.

They both fall on each other on the bed. Marcus dick fall out of Aaron hole. They're both breathing heavy, trying to catch there breaths. Marcus, who caught his breath first, said "that wasn't a punishment at all, round two".

Aaron shakes his head "tomorrow, lets just rest for now. Marcus didn't say nothing and pulled the covers on them. Aaron wrap his arms around Marcus tightly and murmured "I love you". Aaron then fell asleep on Marcus chest.

Marcus also held Aaron tight and whispered "I love you too". He kissed Aaron on the forehead and fell in a deep sleep. Aaron smiled before falling in a deep sleep.

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