Chapter 2

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His eyes returned to normal seconds later then a disappointed look was planted on his face, I should have known, of course a popular boy like Nathan Gabriel will never like a girl like me, I'm so dumb! I didn't even recognize him from all those times he bullied me.

''Hey have I seen you somewhere?'' he asked before he studied my face. My cheeks were starting to fill with the color red. But the tone he used at this moment was so different from the usual ones. He wasn't snapping nor is he trying to bite my head off but he was literally just asking.

That's new.

''Yeah, she goes to our school, ya now the schools nerd? The puking maniac." Sasha butted in, her hands on her curvy hips and her head tilted to the side, her lips in a smirk.

Oh no, I remembered when we were in 4th grade, Nathan forced me to drink something and I ended up puking on his shirt due to my stomach problem and fainted afterwards.

Nerd. Ugly. No good. Stupid. Dumb. Murderer. Killer. Beast. And plenty of words I couldn't even remember. 

Nathan pulled a disgusted look, obviously remembering who I was and the unfortunate incident where he first met me. Damn this small state. I had to attend the same high school as him and I was never appealing on school except for my A's.

But then again, he is my mate. The social standing being a requirement is absolutely stupid. That isn't how things work... Or is it?

I wanted to glare at everyone of them. All of those people standing in a circle, making me feel like the worst person on the planet.

Then like in scary movies the light suddenly went off and the room was filled with gasps and screams. 

"Sorry, there were technical problems and the lights will be back later." I guess, the bearded man said.

Nathan took this as an opportunity and dragged me to the bar holding my wrist, his touch making my stomach erupt in butterflies, electric shock on my skin making me shiver and fireworks.. Wow... WHAT THE HECK am I thinking. He insulted me and might as well throw me in the dirty old river! I pushed his arm on my wrist even though I still didn't want his hand leave my skin it's just so wonderf- Oh STOP IT! 

''I don't like you'' he said frankly once we stopped at the corner which people don’t know existed.

‘‘Same'' I mumbled, my pride taking over and my emotions getting unnoticed.

''As the future alpha of the Broken Shadow pack, I would not want a Luna as weak as you....’’ he spit out with disgust. His blue eyes sharp than ever.

''I understand'' I replied coldly. Trying to make myself look fine was very hard but it's still working...

He's our mate! My wolf finally talked to me, His wolf's your mate not him! I talked back, sometimes the wolf's a little bit different than the person himself, but me and my wolf are like the best of friends and this is the first time she disagreed with me.

After what I said he looked at me, he might think I'm the kind of girl who begs just to get a guy like him you might as well kill me know! Studying my eyes, he sighed and shakes his head.

''My parents don't approve of rejection and if they found out who my mate is, they'll invite you over for the whole summer'' he took a deep breath before saying the last part.

''OH okay... Wait WHAT!?''

''Then let’s pretend you didn't know me and forget everything that’s happened and ignore each other after the rejection'' he chocked after I said it and smiled, looks like he likes the idea.

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