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I hadn't had any anxious thoughts for a while until I was getting ready for my date today. My anxiety was almost as loud as Harry's excitement to go to Lobster and Burger.

I stared in the full length mirror in suspicion as I wondrously hoped I seemed somewhat casual/formal attired. I was wearing a beige circle skirt which wasn't long enough to hide my cuts and scrams on my legs. But it was okay.

Life is good.

My cream coloured, three inch wedges were almost too tall for me to walk in. I've never walked in heels, and I never thought I would. But I persuaded myself to think that three inches was a good start.

I needed a shirt.

I was standing in only my shoes and skirt as I fumbled with my white bra, which gave my chest a little bit of a lift. I didn't get why it was doing that. It was as if they were trying to mould my boobs into something that was considered attractive. I love my B cup chest, it was cute and soft. Who doesn't like cute and soft?

The shirt I wore was a plain tank top which I couldn't tell from cream or white. But it was nice. I think I looked nice.

"You look great." I assured myself in the second person for more encouragement. "Don't ever think otherwise."

My hair looked great today. It was frizzy, so I straightened it. But then I decided that straight hair never looked good on me, so then I curled it. And... It looked amazing.

I had a bit of acne, but it was okay.

I thought that adding mascara would compliment my amazing eyelashes. And maybe a bit of foundation would make my skin look more refreshed. I finished wish a nude coloured lipstick, just to add more definition to my nicely shaped lips.

I look great, and I should never think otherwise.

I had to deep a breath.

I grabbed my phone, immediately texting Harry.

I'm ready.

Great. I'll pick you up asap.

Ten seconds later, there was a knock on my bedroom door.

I relaxed my shoulders, calmly stepped forward and swiftly opened the door. Harry sharply stood in his black skinny jeans and black, buttoned shirt. His hair was messily ran back by his hands, and his bottom lip was tugged nervously between his teeth.

"You look great. Are you ready to eat some lobster?" He raised an eyebrow. "And/or burger?"

"I think so." I smiled.

"Your mother is downstairs, and it'll look odd if we both leave looking this... Formally attired." He gave me a look.

"Do you want me to go talk to her while you get your bike?" I asked, raising both eyebrows with a small smirk.

"That would be helpful." He murmured quietly.

"I'll meet you outside and around the corner of the street." I spoke, and then hurriedly left him by himself as I went downstairs and entered the living room.

My mother saw me as she sat in front of the tv, nibbling a box of salted peanuts. Her eyes widened. "Wow, Harley, you look lovely. But, uh... where are you going?"

Before I could answer, the front door opened and slammed shut, causing my mam to look suspiciously outside the window in front of her. She spotted Harry getting his bike from the garage. "Oh, there he goes, again, without saying goodbye, or telling us where he's going."

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