You're babysitting with him ♡

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You and Ethan arrived at his aunts house at about 5:00pm. You two were going to look after his cousin while they went out for a meal.
"Oh, hi kids! Come on in!" His aunt said happily and hugging you both.

She guided you into the living room where Ethan's cousin was. Ethan ran up to him and picked him up, spinning him around. The little baby laughed. You smiled at Ethan. His aunt and uncle said bye and you sat down on the couch. Ethan was still holding the baby.

You moved up to them and started playing with the baby's little hands. After hours of playing, Ethan fell asleep with the baby on his chest. You cuddled up to them and slowly drifted off to sleep. You woke up to hear his aunts voice. You opened your eyes and saw her looking at her phone.
"Awh! They're so adorable!" She said showing her husband.
Ethan woke up too. He smiled at you while holding the sleeping baby.

His aunt held the phone to you two. She took a picture of you all sleeping peacefully. You looked up at Ethan. He was looking down at you.
" That's going to be us one day."
You blushed and hugged him.
"Can't wait." You replied looking at the peaceful baby.

"Hi sweetie!" You said holding your baby niece. She was only 10 months. You were sat on the couch with her and Grayson. He pulled the baby into his lap and started playing peek-a-boo with her. You giggled at him. The baby was laughing too.
"Have a kid already!" You sister said walking into the room.
You burst out laughing.
"What? No!" You looked at Grayson who was laughing too.
"We'd be a pretty cute family though." Gray winked at you. You nodded in agreement.

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