Chanyeol: The happy virus of EXO, he was the nicest member in EXO to April when they first met. He's always happy and cheers April up. 😂

D.O/Kyungsoo: He's calm and nice. He was very shy when he first met April and grew more fond of her later. He only let's April call him Umma. D.O also loves to cook. 😊

Baekhyun: His nickname is Bacon and he can never be without his best friend Channie. He's good friends with April and treats her like his little sister. He's super hyper and is childish. 😝

Suho: Suho is the guardian angel of the group and cares deeply about April like an Appa. He is also a great leader. 😄

||The rest of the EXO members are really nice to April and love spending time with her|| 😋

Kyuhyun: Kyuhyun is a member of Super Junior and is super friendly and talkative with April, he likes to play StarCraft with her. 😆

April: She's really nice and is extremely talented. She can dance, sing, rap, and play 4 instruments. She loves EXO and lives in LA, California and she is 17 years old. 😃

Important: My fanfic comes from my imagination and is a work of fiction. This is all original. Please do not copy my fanfic! Thx!

Author's note: I plan on updating every 1-3 weeks! So please be patient! (: Also, this story is completely fiction so sometimes I changed the time frames of things! Like for example some scenes takes place when EXO just debuted, but I added some songs that are more recent.

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