Chapter 7

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I ended following Adrian to where him and his friends were staying

Which happened to be in the woods.

Not trying to talk sh*t, but you'd think they would stay in a hotel because no packs had clammed this land.

"I'm guessing you're thinking why not a hotel right?"he said startling me

"Um... Yeah... Wait am I that easy to read?"

"Not really, and we tried staying in town,but it turns out there's vampires all over the place. Well it does make sense... I mean there are no packs that even want to step foot on this land." He said rubbing the back of his neck

"Prejudice much," I said sarcastically trying to lighten the mood

After another five minutes of walking I started to think about what I just did about a day ago did I make the right decision? Well when I think about it I would have only been bullied more. I shouldn't even be having second thoughts. It's

not like I did anything wrong!!!

Gosh I need to stop talking to myself!!

'Maybe you'd like some company'

A voice said

I quickly turned around, but nothing was there. Damn!!! I am going crazy!

Please this can't happen I don't want to end up like the crazy old lady with dozens of cats and can only speak in meaning less stupid riddles

'You know you're really dumb. I'm you're wolf Keira it's nice to officially meet you' Keira said

I kept walking when I suddenly ran into a wall and fell on my butt

Which I'm not going to lie it hurts really badly

"Hey why did you stop so..."I cut myself off when I realized we were in front of a cabin

The cabin door open and a little girl came running towards Adrian with open arms. She looked to be about

four,had the same brown hair as Adrian ,and had dark brown eyes that could have easily been mistaken

for black. So she was technically a smaller female version of Adrian.

"Well this is my little sister, Maya

and Maya this is Marrianne, but you can call her Mary." He said looking at the both of us.

"Hey you can call me Mary and don't worry I mean no harm," I said holding my hand out

She hesitated the the put her hand in mind and shook it and said "welcome to the the family !" She squealed when Adrian suddenly put her on his shoulder

We walked into the house when four guys came out and don't get any crazy ideas of them being hot cause they weren't

"Hey I'm Chris nice to meet ,"

Chris was about 6'2 dirty blond

hair with hazel eyes really skinny with pimples

Another guy who looked just like

Chris shook my hand"Hey I'm

Logan the better one. No lies I've got less brains then him so don't trust me to figure something out so easily in my head."

"My name is Kaitlyn and I'm Chris's

mate." Kaitlyn was a little chubby with jet black hair and a lip piercing

"Sydney I'm Logan's mate," Sydney looked like she really didn't care

about talking to me

~~~~3 DAYS LATER~~~~

Lately all I've done was sit around with everybody and talk about our old packs and why we left. I've gotten close with everybody or at least enough to know I can trust them.

Although it was nice and peaceful here I couldn't take it I wanted to do something more than sit around and live a safe life.

I wanted obstacles, things in life that will show EVERYBODY that I

accomplished something

That I wasn't WEAK and that's how I ended up here in front of a vampires house, but not just any

Vampires house. No I went to the most powerful guy in town.

DeJaní is what everybody called him

I simply came here for help. I decided I wanted to make my own pack on this land.

The only reason I was asking was because one I didn't want to start some fight over the land, two I wanted to be allies, and three I needed a little help.

I knocked on the door no answer I was about to knock again when the door swung open and I was pulled inside.

"Don't worry I already know why you're here." He said

"H-how did you know?"I studdered

"Well having powers help," he sighed and looked at me as if I were stupid

"Aren't you going to ask?"

" no you already told me you knew so there is really no point in having to say why I'm here if you already know." I said rolling my eyes

"Hmm...I'll help and don't worry I already made a few calls to help..." I cut him off

"Calls to help what?" I questioned

"Look did you honestly think you and your group of rejects will become powerful on your own? That's why I called a few people I know would love to be in a pack under someone so powerful." He smile showing his fangs

"What do you mean 'so powerful' I don't have any.."he cut me off by raising a hand

"Only time will tell," he smirked knowing that he won't say anything pissed me off "well I've already got them building. People will start coming to you in a couple of days, as
for know you and your friends stay here."

"What! You said nothing about this! You can't keep us here!" I yelled quickly standing up and backing away from him

"Don't worry you guys need to train so that way when the others come they know they'll be in good hands," he saw my confused look and added "you didn't think you guys could stay the way you are and I'm not going to lie you guys look ugly,you're not strong, and you don't have many friends."

That was the day he started the training. He some how was able to bring my friends here without causing a scene.

It wasn't easy training he pretty much threatened us saying he wouldn't feed us or beating us up if we said we wanted to quit.

He didn't lie he let us go the next week and threatened that if we f*cked up what he just helped us create he would kill us without any mercy.


How was it any good I tried my hardest to introduce some knew people and show how she got started

On making the pack

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