Chapter 6

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~~~MARY'S POV~~~

I woke up to the sun shining in my face. My First thought was 'what the f*ck' then everything came flooding back to me.

Cr*p I got to get out of here. I tried to get up, but my legs felt like jello. I looked down to see what was going on when I noticed I was in my wolf form .

Okay you're probably thinking it should be easier now right. Well it wasn't after about ten minutes tripping I finally got the hang of it and was able to run at fool speed.

After running for about an hour I shifted and looked down to see myself in my birthday suit. I hurried to put some clothes on behind a tree.

I started walking again when I noticed there was someone following me, but keeping there distance so I wouldn't notice.

"Well jeez... I was going to take some goodies to grandma's house, but it seems I've gotten myself lost." I said pretending to look lost

After no response from mister stalker I started to walk around a big tree pretending to still look lost.

"Okay so this is the part where you try to convince me to follow you so you could kill me mister stalker, or should I call you Mr. Creepy since stalker Is like so last year? "

" I'm surprised you noticed me I thought you were actually lost," he said

"Well Mr.Creepy you're very considerate helping someone who looked like they were going know where when they started circling a tree," I replied

" I've got a name and... Hey you're not from here," he said

"No I'm not and what do you care there isn't a pack on these lands, " I said

"How about we start from the beginning and play a game of twenty questions,"he said with his hand held out

"Okay" I put my shook his hand then started walking again

"Well my name is Adrian, yours?"

"Mary but my full name is Marrianne... Uhhh are you by yourself?"

"Not really, I'm here with some friends you ?"

"By myself, what pack did you come from?"

"The Cresent Pack, why you here?"

"A restart a new beginning I guess, you?"

"Umm well we were kicked out since the new alpha didn't like us there and thought we were to weak to be of any help, anyway that's why we came here. How did you know there wasn't a pack here?"

"Before I officially decided to leave my pack I thought it be best to learn everything about other packs it would be easier to restart..."

"Wait you mean you left your pack and this wasn't the first time you ever wanted to leave?"

"Yes, and this wasn't the first time I wanted to leave, but there was something always holding me back and a few days ago I realized there was no point of staying with the pack." I said getting angry

"What was the name of your old pack?"

"Emerald Sky, can we stop playing this game now?" I said frustrated

"Yeah, I mean just thinking about my old pack gets me mad especially since they could do this without hesitation or even thinking about my little sister! Just pisses me off!" He said through gritted teeth


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