CHAPTER 2- anger and fears

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After I cried a bit more, I got up. I went to the door and jiggled the handle. Nothing. I groaned and looked around, finding a window. I smiled and walked to it, opening it up. Lifting my body, I jumped over the sill and landed on grass. Jumping up, I ran off. I need to get away from here. Away from Australia for awhile. Maybe Florida will work. Whatever, I'll figure it out soon. First, run.
I gasped for breaths, leaning over. I ran for about 3 minutes nonstop. The motel was by a road, so I've been using that to find cars. So far, no luck. After getting my breath back, I walked down the road, listening for any cars. Something broke from underneath my foot, making me scream. In the faint moonlight, I saw it was just a stick. I sighed in relief, rubbing my arms.
"I love the dark. The dark is pretty. Nothing's wrong with the dark." I mumbled to myself.
An owl sounded in the woods, making me jump.
"But I hate nature. Nature sucks."
I was walking this road for what felt like hours. I'm tired, I'm cold, and I'm scared. A rain drop landed on my head, making me groan. More and more came. Just my luck, it's now pouring. I turned my walking into jogging, but stopped when I heard a car. Turning around, I saw one heading towards me.
"Oh thank god!" I said to myself.
I waved my arms and stepped onto the road. They stopped and I ran in.
"Thank you." I muttered, closing the door.
They locked right away, making me jump. Turning to the drivers side, I saw angry blue eyes.
"Luke?" I gasped.
"I leave for 10 minutes and you think you can run off." Luke said through gritted teeth.
"I fucking saved you, and this is how you repay me!"
I just sat still, curled up trying to keep warm. I heard Luke sigh.
"Take off the shirt, now." He ordered.
I took the wet shirt off of me and Luke grabbed it, putting it in a bag. He tossed me a jacket.
"There. Now you won't freeze to death."
I quickly put it on, not looking at him.
"Fucking hell Astrid! Do you not learn? If the 4 went after you, what makes you think it's safe out there for you? Hmm? Will a fucking knight in shining armor come and safe you and you live happily ever after? Damn it!" Luke yelled, punching the steering wheel.
He pointed at me.
"You. You need to get punished." 
I sobbed louder when the car came to a stop in front of the motel. Luke walked around to my side and yanked me out.
"LET ME GO! I HATE YOU!" I screamed, trying to tear my forearm out of his grip.
I saw a look of hurt in his eyes, but it got replaced with anger. Luke unlocked the door and threw me in. I went to get up, but he grabbed me again. He tied my wrists behind me and my ankles, then threw me on the bed.
I watched him walk to the window and close it. He locked it and closed the blinds so nobody could see us. Double checking that the door was locked, he grabbed a chair and dragged it next to the bed and sat down.
"I don't deserve to be here." I cried, tugging at the ropes.
"I know." Luke answered, bored.
"Then let me leave."
"Did you not hear me in the car?" He asked, cocking his head to the side.
I went to answer, but my stomach growled. Luke looked over and saw the take out bag and groaned.
"You didn't eat, I'm guessing?" He asked, standing up.
I didn't answer, making him punch a wall. I screamed a bit when he did.
"I try to help. I save your life, and you try to leave. I give you food, but you don't eat." (That's a poem)
"I'm- I'm-"
"You're what? You're sorry? Congrats! The whole world is happy now! You said sorry! Everything can go back to normal!" Luke yelled.
"Luke, you're scaring-"
"Don't interrupt me. Fucking hell! Yeah, we went out, ONCE and yes my feelings to you were strong, but why the hell would you get involve? You hardly fucking know me!" Luke groaned, falling back on the chair.
I had tears spilling out of my eyes. Thunder struck, making me scream and bury my head. Luke looked at the window, than back at me. I heard him get up.
"Astrid?" He asked softly.
Thunder hit again, making me sob louder. I felt a hand go on my head, making me flinch. The hand pulled back. The rope on my wrists and ankles left, making me look up. Thunder hit again, making me dig my head in a pillow. I felt the bed dip and arms lifted me up. I ended up on a lap with arms wrapped around me. Thunder hit again, making me scream. The arms tightened around me.
"It's okay. It's just a storm." Luke whispered in my ear.
I sobbed and shook my head.
"Shhhh. I'm here. You're safe. I've got you."
My head was buried in Luke's chest as he comforted me. I was sobbing and fisting his shirt as it continued to rain.
"It's just a storm. You're okay." Luke whispered, holding me closer.
"Don't hurt me. Please don't hurt me." I sobbed, shaking my head.
Thunder came, making me jump.
"I won't hurt you. Shhhh. Shhh." Luke comforted, rocking me.
I still cried.
"You're safe. It's just a storm, it'll leave soon."
I whimpered when I heard thunder again.
"I know, baby. I know." Luke whispered, holding me closer as he rocked me.
"Think of something else. Do you have a boyfriend?" Luke asked.
"No." I whimpered.
"What about a best friend?"
"Joanna." I whispered.
"Joanna. Is she nice?"
I nodded.
"What about her, does she have a boyfriend?"
"Yes, his name is Kyle." I answered, still fisting his soaked shirt.
"Kyle. Okay. Do you like Kyle dating her?" Luke asked.
I nodded. Thunder hit again, making me whimper.
"Shhhh. Shhhh." Luke whispered in my ear.
Luke continued to rock me and my eye lids felt heavy. I fell asleep.
I breathed out in relief when I saw Astrid asleep. Slowly, I stood up, still holding her. I placed her under the covers. Before placing the covers on her, I took off the wet jacket and threw it to the side. Thunder hit again, making her whimper and turn. Poor Astrid. She looked so scared. I took of my soaked shirt and my jeans. Going to my back, I pulled out sweats and slipped those on. Quietly, I slid into bed next to Astrid. Thunder hit again, making her whimper once more. I wrapped my arm around her waist and one went under her neck and held the back of it. My chin rested on her head and I traced shapes on her hip. She stopped shaking and relaxed, making me smile. I kissed the top of her head gently.
"Goodnight babe. I love you."

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