3-Poetic Justice Is Born (Edited)

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When the pizza guy arrived shortly after we got to my apartment, Crystal began to do this weird jig she had described as her "Pizza Happy Dance." She didn't even wait until she was sitting down to stuff her face with pizza. 

"So what's the game plan?" She asked me around an especially huge bite of pizza. Her cheeks were stuffed with it and she looked like a chipmunk, not that I'd tell her that because then she'd bring up one of my various embarrassing stories from our high school days. Thankfully since we were the only ones in my apartment no one else would here it, but no one wants to be reminded of the time when they tucked their shirt into their underwear by accident and their low ride jeans were riding a little too low so everybody saw their tighty whities. I cringed at the memory and briefly wondered if anyone had thought of making a statute of limitations for bringing up certain embarrassing stories. All I knew was that if there wasn't, someone should get on that.

"I was thinking that we should change out the locks first. This 'storage facility'," I mocked, "needs to up security." I paused as I thought of how wrong I was about him. Though we'd been dating for six years and friends for much, much longer than that, I couldn't help but notice how I'd lived in his shadow until then. I was the moon to his sun, forever fated to reflect his light in the dead of night. It was high time for a solar eclipse and I would use his limelight to my advantage. If my dreams came true, there would be nowhere stateside he could run to.

"But!" I said, bringing myself out of my reverie, "Since we're eating I thought we might multitask and talk logistics. We need to come up with a name for ourselves. I don't want to be one of those boring groups that go by our actual names. Oh, and I was thinking we could record that song we wrote in high school together."

"I agree about the band name. I hate self-titled bands." Crystal continued to enhale her pizza while we brainstormed a band name. "Hey Liz maybe we could sing a cover as well. You know, to get our name out there with a song that's recognizable by the masses. With platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter the opportunities to get exposure are endless. We should probably try to find an agent while we're at it. They've got the extra connections that we need."

Crystal was all smiles as she starting dropping ideas left and right when it hit me. I knew exactly what cover we could do. It would be both awesome and symbolic for why we were starting this journey.

"We should do a cover for Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'. It'd be the ultimate poetic justice."

Crystal's smile faded at my suggestion and I felt my eyebrows scrunch together in response.

"No? Not subtle enough? I'll keep thinking if that's-"

She cut me off and shouted, "That's it!"

"What's 'it', Crys? You went and had yourself an epiphany without me."

Instead of helping me understand the reasons for her excitement, she just jumped up and cut off my oxygen supply with a bear hug.

"You're brilliant!" She told me as she continued to squeeze the life out of me.

"Old news." I grunted out with the remainder of my air. I could feel myself turning purple under the pressure of her unrelenting hug, and I was just starting to see halos when she seemed to realize that oxygen was a necessary component for life.

She finally let go and returned to her seat. "I have a name for us. Poetic Justice. It's perfect. Tell me you think it's perfect!"

The hopeful excitement on her face made it hard to keep a straight face, but I wanted a little payback for leaving me in oxygen deprivated suspense for as long as she had, so I forced the smile itching to come out to stay hidden. 

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