Chapter 16 (Mini Chapter)

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Gemma sat in the waiting room with her head in her hands, feeling completely guilty for what she said to her brother. “If I hadn’t been so mean to him, we wouldn’t be here right now…” She thought. A tear left her eye, as the guilt ate away the burning sensation in her throat. Louis sat next to her, feeling equally at fault. “I can’t believe Harry thinks I don’t like him… I mean, he’s a nice kid, I just… Ugh! I don’t even know…” Louis thought. Anne sat a little farther away from Louis and Gemma. She didn’t want them to see her so distraught, even though she had every right to be. “I should have run faster… God knows what he could’ve done to himself when he was alone.” Anne thought. Her baby was in critical condition, all because she didn’t run fast enough…

                After what seemed like days of negative thoughts, and worrying, Dr. Sheeran came out of Harry’s hospital room, face dripping with sweat, and eyebrows furrowed. Anne sprang up from her seat, as did Louis and Gemma, and jogged over to the doctor. “What’s going on with my baby?” Anne asked, wringing her hands out of nervousness. “Well, as you might have noticed, he had a grand mal seizure. His jaw was clenched so tight, that a few teeth in the back of his mouth chipped. He put up a bit of fight when we tried to put him on his side, by hitting us with his fists, but he fell asleep after a few minutes.” Dr. Sheeran finished.

                “How long is he going to be out for?” Gemma asked, while biting her nails. “It’s too early to tell, but by my expectations, probably no longer than 48 hours. I’ll allow you guys to see him, and if anything happens, please don’t hesitate to call me or a nurse.” Dr. Sheeran said, while leading them back into Harry’s room. Anne nearly burst into tears at the sight of her son lying limp on the hospital bed. Harry’s curls fell flat and lifeless, his cheeks were pale, lips chapped and cracked, and eyelids dark and tired. A bit of drool ran down his cheek, as his chest rose and fell at an uneven and slow pace. A sickly purple bruise was beginning to form on his forehead. “Oh, my God…” Anne felt sick to her stomach. Gemma grabbed a tissue from the bedside table, and wiped Harry’s mouth, which he didn’t flinch away from as he usually did.

                “I know he doesn’t look well right now, but I assure you he’s in stable condition.” Dr. Sheeran said softly, as he patted Anne’s shoulder, before leaving the room. Louis solemnly stepped closer to Harry, and gently lifted his hand to hold. He rubbed at Harry’s cold arm, and held back unwanted tears. Louis lifted Harry’s hand to his lips, and gently kissed his icy fingers. “I’m sorry…” Louis said with a watery voice. Harry’s closed eyes fluttered gently, as his other hand swung over to grab Louis’ hand. “Harry?!” Louis said, tears running down his face. Harry groaned, and whimpered, as he wriggled further down into the sheets, still keeping a hold of Louis’ hand. “Baby, wake up,” Anne cupped Harry’s face in her hands, and gently patted his cheek.

                Harry whined, and moved his head away from his mother’s hands, and grabbed onto the sleeve on Louis’ shirt. “Mmm, Lou…” Harry gurgled, his eyebrows furrowing. “I’m right here, mate.” Louis said softly. “Cold.” Harry murmured into his pillow. “I’ll go ask for some blankets, and get Dr. Sheeran.” Gemma said before exiting the room. “Okay, buddy. It’ll be okay.” Louis said, while pulling up a chair behind him with his foot, and sitting right beside Harry’s bed. “Teeth… Hurt.” Harry’s eyes fluttered open, to reveal his emerald green orbs. Harry let go of Louis’ hand, to place his own on his cheek. “Don’t worry babe, we’ll get your teeth fixed soon.” Anne smiled. Harry looked at his mother, and grabbed her hand. “I want to go home…” Harry trailed off. “I know, honey. We’ll go home soon…” Anne said while thinking of how next few days of testing, MRI’s, and therapies would play out. It didn’t look good.

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