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Chapter 31

Libby Ashford


                He had won and he knew it.

                A victorious grin stretched across his smug face. As usual, he looked impeccable. I resisted the ironic giggle that threatened to rise up as I recalled the white shirts he used to wear to bed stained with my own blood. He didn’t look so impeccable then when he was beating me unconscious while downing beer after self-damaging beer. He certainly didn’t look so put together when he used to gaze at me with a crazed, wild look in his eyes after a particularly thrilling move on his part. However, it wasn’t often and never public when he looked so unkempt. To the public eye, the man standing before me was a business man who dressed in designer suits and smooth talked his way through the boardrooms. To the public, my father could do no wrong and as far as they were concerned, the white shirts he wore to bed remained white throughout the night, unscathed by the maroon of my blood.

                The heels of his gleaming black loafers clicked against the cement floor as he stepped forward and circled around me. It was a live version of Animal Planet with the hunter eyeing his prey. Hands clasped behind his back, he came to a stop right in front of me. There was no sound in the room, not even the muted sound of our breathing was heard. I knew he was staring down at me but I kept my gaze locked firmly on the handle of the door. I couldn’t look at him. I couldn’t face him yet.

                Finally, he sighed deeply.

                “My, my, my Libby.” His tone was almost resigned. “You’ve been a very disobedient girl.”

                My skin crawled as he continued his circling once again. The only light in the room came from pale fluorescent bulbs hanging from the ceiling, drowning the cell in a sickly color. I felt rather than heard his pause behind me. My breath stopped as I waited for something, anything. I knew from experience he was at his worst when he was calm however I had never known him to be so quiet, so introverted when his anger raging on inside him. Make no mistake, he was angry. I knew it and his unusual placid demeanor was unnerving to say the least. Slowly, very slowly, he leaned closer until his breath hit my ear and his chin just grazed my right shoulder. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his head tilted my way, gleaming eyes narrowed in glee.

                “You have no idea how upset I’ve been with you.” He whispered, left hand curling over my left shoulder to touch a stray curl. “I’m sure you’d be appalled to see the state our house is in. You see, after you and your mother left me I had a momentary slip of control.” He stood up straight and walked around so he was standing in front of me, all the while musing aloud. “Mirrors are broken, pictures shattered, furniture wrecked.” He shook his head and laughed softly while turning his back to me to face the door. “I was so angry that you had left that I wanted to destroy everything. I wanted to destroy everything but mostly…I wanted to destroy you.” When he turned again I saw the face I had grown accustomed to. Malicious, wild, and hungry for damage. The face that haunted my thoughts. “And now that I have you dear little Libby, I’ll finally get the chance to. I was originally going kill you the moment I saw you but I thought of a very different, and in my personal opinion much better, plan.”

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