Drabble - Hungry Gods

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Hungry Gods

Peace had come in the absence of the gods. The memory of dark days etched throughout the ancient temples, massive and looming.

Then the creature appeared, tearing through the landscape with massive claws. A god had returned, legendary destructive appetite with it. Churning limbs tore through the forests, rivers and fields alike.  A lone priest ascended the summit, a willing sacrifice.

“Great god, I beseech you, what is it you desire?” called out the fool in the face of the metal monstrosity.

With a flick of the wrist-like appendage, the man was dispatched, and the god returned to its plunder.


Copyright © 2013 by Marie Chavez

My entry to the Challenge Corner hosted by jewel1307 in the short story club. Visit the external link to see what it is all about. The prompt I used is the image on the right.

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