Chapter Six: Awkward Breakfast

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Rogue's POV

Frosch began waddling back to me, but someone caught my eye.
It was Kagura. "Kagura?" I said slightly surprised. I crouched a bit so Frosch could jump into my arms. "I didn't know you went this way." Her expression lightened a bit.
"I could say the same for you. But it looks like we both go the same way." I tried staying emotionless, but it failed miserably, I tried to hurt myself for it but the only way I could was to squeeze Frosch a bit. And so I did, he didn't seem to mind though.
"Well..." I turned around in the direction of the restaurant. I sighed and began walking an she quickly caught up. I cringed a bit, trying to keep myself contained.
"Are you alright there?" She asked.
"Y-yeah I'm fine. I'm just not that used to the cold, I guess." I tried covering my tracks.
She got slightly suspicious due to my stuttering but didn't continue. She must know her bounds.
I shut my eyes. Don't. Stop thinking about her.
The fact that she invited me to breakfast was extremely peculiar. I didn't want to question it, but still I did. Another thing I wonder about is, why do I care so much? I shouldn't care this much. Not at all.
Questions filled my head, I was starting to get angry with myself a bit, but before I knew it, we were already at the restaurant.
The hostess was a slim woman with lilac eyes and mint green hair. She wore the 8-island waitress attire.
"For two." Kagura said. "What about Frosch?" Frosch jumped in. "Three, I mean." She corrected herself.
The hostess smirked and led us to our tables. Why did she smirk? I balled my hand up but released it shortly, trying to not draw attention to myself.
The hostess stopped as we reached our table. We both took our seats.
A waiter came by with a tray with to glasses of water and the menus. He placed each item down carefully and smiled.
I immediately looked at the menu, scanning each item and its ingredients. I glanced over and Kagura was doing the same. Frosch was just sitting there, to lost in his own head to do anything.
We eventually all knew what we wanted and the same waiter came by. He took our orders and walked off into the kitchen.
I looked at Kagura, her attention was focused on the window, looking out to see another glorious winter day.
I just then realized I've been staring at her for the last five minutes.
"Hello?" She said waving a hand in front of my face.
"O-oh. Sorry." I looked away, slightly embarrased. I could hear her sigh. "It's fine, that stare was odd,though, to say the least."
She's commenting on my staring? I gritted my teeth for even caring.
I looked down at the plates, saying nothing and waiting for the waiter to bring back our food.
Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours.
"Could this last any longer?" I said out loud. I realized I was thinking out loud and cursed at myself on the inside.
Kagura was nochalant at the comment. "I could agree with that." Her voice to me, deemed to be surprisingly cold. Frosch didn't say a word. I laughed a little on the inside, he looked so... Funny.
The waiter finally came with our food.
We chowed down, not saying a word to eachother the whole entire time we were eating.
"How was your food?" She asked, placing her untencils down on the plate.
"Good, you?" I didn't want the conversation to last too long, or else it'd burden me for the next week or so.
"It was nice." The bill came in and she reached for it, but an instinct of mine was to reach for it too. Her hand was there before mine. And as cliche as it was, my hand was on top of hers.
I froze up for a second and immediately pulled away. She seemed unharmed, but I could sense she was freaking out on the inside. I stood up.
"I have to go to the bathroom." I walked off before she or Frosch could say anything.
I walked into the mens bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I washed my face, dried it with paper towels, I then washed my hands, just for good measure. I walked back to our table. "Sorry, again.... A-abo-"
She cut me off. "It's fine." She was looking out the window again.
A few moments passed and she finally looked at me. "Shall we get going?"
I nodded at that. She got up. I picked up Frosch again and let him sit of my shoulders.
"I'm going for a stroll around town." She said as we walked out.
"O-okay." I was slightly flustered, why though? It's better if I see her less.
She nodded. "Thanks." I trying to act normal. She nodded and walked in the other direction.
I sighed and turned away.
"Fro wants to play in the snow!" I smiled and crouched a bit so he could jump off safely as he began making a "snow-Frosch", as he liked to call it.

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