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EXACTLY Part 3 (Carter's POV)

"Scotty? Scotty are you up? Scotty I miss you. Please Scotty wake up. Please, I beg of you." I was in the hospital. I hated hospitals they reminded me of dead people. I didn't deal with death well either. I was drenched in my own tears from having to wait in the waiting room for five hours before being able to see Scotty. I was worried about him. I was afraid of him also. He had slapped me and although I cared for him he had reminded me of my childhood. I had been abused and this scared me. I really didn't want to have to go through that again. The betrayal of a family member or someone you love is scary and it fills you with sadness and rage. I really hoped I wouldn't have to leave Scotty as a memory in my brain and walk away. I loved him but he terrified me at the moment. I continued to cry as the doctor walked in to speak to me. I had asked the nurse to talk to the doctor to see if we could run a test to see why his attitude toward me had changed so fast.

"Miss. Williams?" the doctor wanted to insure it was me he was talking to.

"Doctor Craten do you know what caused Scotty to act how he did?" I asked as I turned around to face the doctor even though I didn't want anyone to see that I had been crying.

"Carter... I am sad but happy to tell you out of all the things it could have been that he is just bipolar. His emotions change fast." Dr. Craten informed me of something way better than what I had been believing.

"Can anything be done to make life easier for him? To make it so that he doesn't have mood swings. The mood swings after all could hurt him somehow couldn't they? I mean someone important to him could walk away and not return due to the mood swings and he wouldn't know why they left. Doctor can anything be done?" I hoped and hoped something could be done for Scotty. He was perfect and everything I'd ever wanted. I missed him as the him I had known and feared the side of him I had seen a day ago.

"There is medication he can take if he chooses to. Try to inform him about it when he wakes up but do not upset him. If he is upset it could trigger another mood swing. May I ask you what that bruise on your face is from?" Dr. Craten was worried about me.

"I ummmm... fell and hit my face on the corner of my kitchen table." I lied and I knew he could tell. I was never any good at lying and never had wanted to.

"Carter... please tell me what it is from. You can trust me all I want to do is help." He tried to persuade me just like any other adult would of.

"Dr. Craten, I asked you to run the test on Scotty because yesterday when he dropped me off at my house he had slapped me because he had told me not to talk but I had talked and it pissed him off. Doctor he saw me with another man in the parking lot of our school and it upset him but he drove me home anyway because that is the kind of guy he is. I didn't kiss the other guy he had kissed me. You have to believe me doctor. My heart belongs to Scotty and no one else. It will never belong to anyone else. Scotty saw something that his ex-girlfriend caused. His ex-girlfriend hates me because Scotty likes me and so she sent another guy to try to get me with him. He was my ex-boyfriend and he saw a poem that I wrote for Scotty that Alexandria, Scotty's ex, took from my notebook of poems and gave to him. The guy, David Tranton, thought that I liked him and Alexandria obviously told him not to listen to my I don't like yous because he kissed me doctor. This angered Scotty because he did not see the whole thing and so when I spoke to him to try to tell him that I didn't do it... he slapped me. I was surprised but I understood that it could be something that wasn't his fault. It could have been something he had no control over. Doctor nothing is wrong. I'm happy I could help Scotty with him being bipolar. I am glad that I helped him find and could end up helping him not feel pain in the future due to it. Doctor I love him and I would do anything to help him as long as I could." I spilled my heart out to Dr. Craten. "I just wish Scotty had heard everything I just said. I wish he knew how I felt. I'm afraid to tell him. I'm afraid he won't feel the same after what he saw yesterday and that he won't believe me when I tell him I didn't do anything wrong. I don't think he'll believe me." I started to cry again.

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