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A/N - ok I am sooooo sorry, I am not going to continue this book. I have no inspiration left in me!!!! * despair intensifies * this is what the book was going to become.
So Heatherkit and Icekit are the sole survivors of Snowclan. They ran across the border into Sunclan territory. They were then found by Sandpaw and his medicine cat apprentice sister ( I didn't mention that in the book ) Hazelpaw. The two are taken in and Heatherkit found out she was now mute after the fox attack on Snowclan. She then was made a apprentice, and Icekit remained a kit. Heatherpaw was then showed the apprentice den, and the apprentices. of course, Sandpaw and Hazelpaw, Sparrowpaw, Emberstar's son and then there was now Heatherpaw. When they both first laid eyes on Heatherpaw, Sandpaw and Sparrowpaw had taken a liking to Heatherpaw. So skip about four moons, and Sandpaw and Sparrowpaw became warriors - Sandwhisker and Sparrowheart. Icekit had also became an apprentice. Over the moons, Heatherpaw had grown closer to Hazelpaw and Sandwhisker and often looked to Hazelpaw for help. This all is when she is still mute. In that time, Sparrowheart had become a little near-sighted, and had fallen in love with Heatherpaw, even if she isn't even a warrior yet. So the time comes, and Heatherpaw and Hazelpaw become Heatherflight and Hazelblaze. A moon later, she is asked by Sparrowheart to be his mate. But Heatherflight turned him down. In rage, Sparrowheart pushed Heatherflight into the river. But Sandwhisker had been spying on them cause he didn't trust Sparrowheart going out with Heatherflight alone. Sandwhisker to the rescue!!!! A day later Sandwhisker asked Heatherflight to be his mate, and something unexpected happened. Heatherflight said yes.
I am so sorry for not continuing this book throughout the story, but I had no inspiration to write it. The inspiration brick was never here for the story ;(

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