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This was requested by a lovely person:


Zayn:Maybe being the hot demon u were wasn't such a bad thing.U were always the the vulcanic one from ur friends and always being so dinamic and mysterius.You loved doing crazy stuff,and it was because your demon side would come out all the time.Ur hair was black with red highllights like ur hair was on fire all the time.Your black leather outfits would combine perfectly with your white pale skin who would turn red when u blushed.You crazy look..all those patterns that rested on your body..different tattoos were playing on your skin.Your ears were both pierced having multiple ear had a tounge piercing as well.Ur black make up would leave shadown on your face.You black leather heel botts would click while u walk on the street.Your red lip stick would make ur blue eyes pop.You would push your limits all the time.Once u met Zayn things were a little more..pure..You were sitting with Zayn on your bed cuddled up together..He loved you for what u were even if he didnt knew the true story.He was tracing ur hip tatoo with his cold fingertips."Love,can I ask you something?" "Yes u can"you said looking at him."Why do you have htat crown on you right hip?Is that a tattoo?" "No its not..its my symbol of what i am ment to be.."u said frowning."What are u suppposed to be love?" You rose up from the bed and clicked the lights open.You took ur shirt off revealing all of ur tattoos that Zayn didn't know about,you streached your chest and back and looked at him,from your back a pair of long black wings made their way outsdie.Their outstanding colors playing with your eyes.You looked at him again and pulled your head down thinking he does not love you anymore.The turth was that u hated so much being a demon more then anyone knew but this was youso u had to do it no matter what."I love you no matter what."said Zayn."I love you too."


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