Chapter 12: Dinner and a Kiss

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Soda’s POV

“It’s our first date and I want to make it special.” I said to Steve and Ponyboy who were sitting in the living room.  I was fixing the collar of my shirt in the corner of the mirror. 

“Ol’ Soda’s got his dream girl, his princess, his lover…” Steve trailed off.

“Shut up!” I snapped, “I really like her, maybe even love her and I don’t want to screw this up.”

“Who are you kidding, you love her.” Ponyboy said as he looked down at his book. 

I just smiled.  I do love her and I might just tell her tonight.  I was taking her for a romantic dinner at the Dingo then to the record store.  She loves music, says it soothes her soul when she gets upset; I know how much music means to her, so I thought it would be nice, maybe buy her one. 

It was seven o’clock, so I started up the car and drove over to her house, I know her folks don’t like when the gang stops by, so I climbed up the tree that is right by her window and knocked on the glass.  She turned her head and smiled, her skin glowing, her brown golden hair perfectly straight: absolutely stunning.  She wore my favorite outfit, jeans and her leather jacket. 

“Ready?” Colly asked.  

I nodded, “I think you’re really going to like this date.” I helped her down the tree branches and opened the car door for her.  Colly nuzzled close to me as I put my arm around her.

Colly’s POV

He was going to an awful lot of trouble just for a date.  Sodapop took me to the best place to eat in town, also where I worked, but I didn’t mind.  It was nine; we spent two hours sitting in a booth watching people come and go while we just talked.  The conversation flowed like two girls gossiping.  I bit my lip as Soda ran his fingers through his greasy hair.  How am I this lucky?

We sipped on our malt together.  “Okay, so what happened after you took the car for a test run?” I asked.

“The guy came back and saw his car busted up, so he went to Buck and get this, tried to fire us going off in some rant.” Soda was near tears in laughter, “And Buck went ‘Sir, you can go shove that bumper up your… I’d be goddamn nuts if I fired these boys…” The story got mouthier and mouthier after that.

He paid the check and we walked down the street.  “Soda, where you taking me?” I whined.

“You’ll see!” he said taking my hand. 

We walked and walked until we stopped by Murphy’s Record Store.  “This is perfect, you know me too well Sodapop Curtis.” I said staring at him.

“Thought you might like it.”

I ran around the sections flipping through the records.  The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Who, Led Zeppelin.  I took an Elvis Presley record, Blue Suede Shoes and walked over to the gramophone, Soda trailing behind me.  I slid the record on and Soda placed his hand low on my back, smiling at my choice.  The music started to play and I grabbed his hand from my waist and pull him across the room.  He twirled me and pulled me in close while I pushed out and started to dance by myself.  It didn’t last very long because I found my boyfriend right by my side knowing that I was playing hard to get.  We twisted and pranced around until we got kicked out of the store for being disruptive to other customers. 

We walked back to the truck holding hands.  As he started up the truck, he drove slowly out of town towards our neighborhood.  I spoke up, “I really had a great time, Thanks.” 

“I had fun too.  It’s no problem, you’re my girlfriend and deserve to be treated well.” He replied in sympathy.  As we drove down my street and as he parked on the curb, he scooted closer to me.  “We should go out more often.” He stated as his hand reached for my knee.  

“Yeah, it was real nice.” I bit my lip and stared at his. 

He leaned in, his soft lips pressing against mine.  His hand was now on my inner thigh.  With each breath, the kisses got more and more passionate as if it was the last.  His lips moved down to my neck and I felt soft kisses run up and down.  I pulled off his t-shirt and threw it to the back seat.  The windows of the car were lined with steam.  It had just rained, but I don’t think that was what it was from. 

“Colly,” Sodapop trailed, “I think I love you.”

I looked at him blankly.  This was our first date, we’d only been dating for a couple days and he already told me he loves me.  His cologne lingered throughout the car making me go crazy.  I felt the urge to grasp onto his bare back and dig my fingers in his skin just to get a grip.  My neck was being kissed uncontrollably and all I could think of was ‘I think I love you’.  The hours ticked by, but it felt like only minutes.  

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