Chapter 10: Trouble

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Evelyn’s last year of freedom was passing by fast. Before she knew it, it was December and the first batch of winter snow was making an appearance.

Almost four months had passed since the start of the Redfern scandal broke out. Evelyn’s father was right on the King wanting the execution to be highly publicised and make it seem like he was doing it out of the justice of the people instead of his own bitter battles.

Almost four months since the Redfern family, Ethan included even in his weak state at the time, was placed under arrest. There had been many interviews of the family broadcasted all over the television and the press was all over this subject. As it turned out, the Redfern Execution Scandal was bigger than anyone had ever dreamt of. It was the most televised and watched trial in centuries.

Almost four months since the day Harry saved Evelyn’s life from the doors of death the day after her seventeenth birthday… she had not seen him since then.

Also, it had been almost four months since Evelyn had seen the King. Though he was still sending her precious gifts to her and her family, he failed to neither make any contacts with her nor write her any letters or notes.

For Evelyn, his lack of contact and display of interest towards her was a blessing. It was the only thing that helped her sleep at night. She hoped with all her heart that he would lose interest in her and end up not wanting her to go into the Royal Palace once she becomes of age. She prayed with all her heart that Zayn wasn’t really into her and that the whole Redfern Scandal wasn’t because of her – though she and everyone else knew it was.

The Redfern were kept prisoner in Lord Marcus’ dungeons, and due to Evelyn and Alice’s relations, she was able to go and visit Ethan and his family occasionally. Bringing luxurious foods and fresh clothes with her every time she does. Lord Marcus knew of the visits, but he was looking at it with one eye open and one eye closed; letting the visits slip by without reporting it.

Nora was still off with her, but ever since the day after her birthday and her little disappearing act, Nora was acting nicer – still cold – but nicer towards Evelyn. And the youngest Blackburn was appreciative of her sister’s every slight sign of kindness towards her.

On the first of December, life almost felt normal to Evelyn – not to the pre-Zayn-days normal, but normal in its own sense. The fear and worried for her eighteenth birthday and Zayn began to fade into the background after so long of not hearing anything…

On the first of December, when the first flake of snow stuck to the cold winter ground of the Blackburn Manor, when the family was at a point where the up and coming holidays and the festive spirits were lingering in the air. When everyone felt happy, jolly and content with their times together, the inevitable happened and they were again, paid a visit by the vampires.

But this time, it wasn’t just any vampire; it was the King, Zayn, himself making an appearance to the Blackburn Manor…  The letter of notice was delivered to Jonathan Blackburn by Lord Marcus on the first of December, informing him and his family of the fact that the King was coming to judge the final trial of the Redferns.

And Zayn, along with his advisers were going to be staying at the Blackburn Manor.


“You’re making a mistake coming here, I don’t know what you’re planning, but it won’t work.” Harry told Zayn as the black limo pulled into the Blackburn’s drive. “Be careful of the things that you say to her. Sometimes, when a girl seems to be at her strongest, she’s in fact at her weakness, it’s just that nobody realises it.”

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