Rosalinda's Point of View

"Rosalinda, no more arguing. It gives you one year to find a bachelor," my father said sternly. My mother just sat on her chair, while looking at me sadly.

"I'm only seventeen! I was only sixteen yesterday! You can't just decide I have to get engaged by the time I turn eighteen. I'm so young, I have dreams," I stated softly towards the end of my rant.

"The only dream you should be having is of ruling the country of your future husbands," stated my father.

"What about James? You're not setting a deadline for him. We are twins, after all."

"Your brother has Veronica, need I remind you," my mother joined into the conversation.

"She is awful and wicked," I muttered under my breath.

"What did you say, my dear?" my mother questioned.

"Just how wonderful she is," I had put on my fake smile. I could not stand Veronica because she was horrible. She was very pretty, but she wasn't very nice. Of course she only showed her mean side towards me when my parents or brother James weren't around. I had to spend a lot of time with her. I never understood why my parents forced me. It's not as if I will have to see her once I get married. Well, forced to be married. I wanted to fall in love, not be forced.

"Rosalinda, are you listening?" I had always been a day dreamer, "The first bachelor is set to be here by noon. You will spend the rest of the day with him. His name is Charles. Does that sound fair? Now go to your room. Someone will be there to dress you and prepare you," my father instructed me. I didn't even get to eat breakfast since my parents wanted to have a long conversation with me. Now I wouldn't get to eat lunch since the dressing will take the rest of the morning. Then I will have to meet with Charles. I practically spit his name in my head. I've seen too many of the bachelors in my life. I've grown up attending balls and parties. They all tried to impress me, but I never bothered paying any attention.

"Very well father, and mother. I will be presentable by noon," I bowed and walked out of their room. I was still wearing my dressing gown and my hair was left down and in loose curls. I inherited the curls from my mother and the color from my father and mother. It was a blonde color that ended up darker than my mother's hair and lighter than my fathers. Most likely it will get curled and pinned back painfully. I loved when my hair could just flow around me in the wind. I would also be put into a very tight dress with a corset. I was already slim and this made my waist stand out. I hated corsets, to the point where I wanted to set fire to them. They made my bosom even more prominent. I just couldn't stand all the boys looking. I wanted to fall in love and have the same person fall in love with me and not my looks. What are the chances? None at all. My own parents were arranged to be married. Of course they did eventually fall in love, but not like I want to. I wanted to be in love before I got engaged. I know it's rather foolish, but I cant help myself. I am a dreamer after all. I walked into my room and see found my royal dresser by my closet. Inside my closet happened to be my vanity. She bowed as I walked past her, and I motioned for her to follow.

"Princess Rosalinda, this is the dress you are to wear," she said as she held up a light blue gown. It had some darker blue ribbons on it. I'm sure at some point I will go on a walk with him through the garden. The dress had a wide neck so that it showed my neck and shoulders. The only thing I liked about this were the dresses. I still didn't enjoy the corsets, but the dresses were lovely. I am awful in heals though. I always ended up falling all over the place. My parents didn't really find that appropriate. James although thought it was quite funny. Then I told him he should try being a girl and he usually stopped laughing and had a scared look in his eyes. My dresser slipped off my night gown and put on my corset. The worst part was when it first got tightened. Usually it loosened up a bit. She pulled hard and I had to suck in a breath. She then pulled on my dress and laced it up with the darker blue ribbon. It was a more casual dress since it was during the day time. I looked into the mirror once she had it done and noticed how good the color looked. I sat down at my vanity so she could do my hair. She started curling it and soon enough my curls were tighter. She took about half of them and pinned it to the back of my head so it was a half hair style. Even when my curls were tighter they reached down to my breasts. My hair was very long, but that's how I wanted it. She tied a blue ribbon at the back of my head to match my dress. "There you are. You can head down, it's almost noon and the princes should be arriving shortly."

"Did you say princes?" I asked her shocked.

"Why yes, one is 4 years older," she stated.

"Please tell me that one is not Charles," I begged her for information.

"I'm sorry dear, but Charles is indeed twenty-one," she said with pity in her eyes. Those are the worst guys, they think that you will fall for them since they are more mature.

"How old is the other one?" I asked.

"Adrian is seventeen, like yourself," she said. "I know I shouldn't say anything, but I heard that they are both rather handsome. Also, Adrian is going to live here for a year," she said really fast.

"Well, why am I spending my day with Charles?" I wonder out loud, trying to figure out my parents plan.

"I'm assuming since he isn't spending the summer here, and Adrian is that you will have time to spend with him. After all, your parents want you to meet as many gentlemen as you can."

"That does make sense. How is it that the maids and servants always figure out things before me with gossip?" I asked her laughing.

"Well, we always have our ears open and you are a day dreamer," she rolled her eyes as she started to walk out. "Also, Adrian's room is across from yours," she smiled and walked completely out of my room. I just sat there shocked. Why would my parents do that? My brother would not allow a boy across from me. I'm sure he will talk to them. He has always been very protective of me. Even more protective then my own father. I walked down the long corridor and to the end where the stair case lies. I descended like I was taught and halfway down I noticed two men. Both were very handsome, one was clearly younger. The younger one stood a little taller though. If it weren't for his more boyish face I would assume he was the older one. They both have very dark black hair and tannish skin. They contrast with my pale beige skin. The younger one met my gaze and it was very intense, and I started to get very nervous. He was very handsome, and the more I looked at him he seemed to get better looking. I landed on the last step and tripped in my heels. I started to fall and as I fell closer to the ground strong arms surrounded my waist. Before I even looked up my heart raced. I looked up and noticed that the younger one, Adrian, was the one to catch me. My eyes met his and I started to get dizzy at his sapphire blue eyes. They happened to be the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. They also contrasted against my green eyes. He had this look of shock on his face. He didn't let go and I was still in his arms.

"Adrian, you could share the girl," I heard someone say behind him. I'm assuming that it was Charles. Already at the tone of his voice I didn't feel comfortable. I had this bad feeling about him deep inside my gut.

"Sorry Charles," he said very politely as he slowly let's go. I felt safe in his arms and I wanted to be back in them. What am I even saying? I can't let them charm me. All they probably want is power. I want to fall in love. I had to stay away from him during the summer. I then saw my parents come out of their study.

"Adrian, we would like you to come with us," my father said. Adrian left my side and followed my parents into their study. For some reason, my corset felt extra tight today. I hoped that wouldn't cause any problems for me.

"Shall we go for a walk?" he asked and I smiled. Maybe he wasn't that bad. I would soon find out.

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