Ghost Man - Zak Bagans {One Shot}

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I went back inside to put one more extension cord in the van.  The idea that I, Tiffany Reynolds, mere fan and newly made girlfriend of Zak Bagans, was invited to go on an all-night investigation with the Ghost Adventures Crew!  All night!  No one got to do that! 

Nick handed me the last box instead and sent me outside.  I nearly ran into Aaron on the way out.  He was the first one I had met, and has been like an older brother to me for the past three years.  He was the reason I even met Zak and Nick and was able to get in on this investigation.

“Whoa, there!  You’re almost as clumsy as me!” he teased.

I laughed.  “I know, sorry!”

“Just watch it, kiddo!” He snapped his fingers.  “Oh!  Right, uhhhh, Zak’s by the van looking for you.  I just remembered.”

“Okay, thanks!”  I grinned; I’ve known the guys for over three years now but I still got excited over being acquainted with them. 

The only thing I get even more giddy over is the fact that I’m Zak Bagan’s girlfriend!!!!!  It was strange, since his last girlfriend was by far prettier than me and smarter and closer to his age and more fashionable and did I mention prettier?  I was suspicious when he asked me out, but accepted in case he was serious.  He seemed to have been in the beginning.

I made it to the side of the van, but paused.  Zak was just around the other side of the doors, talking to someone.  I’ve never been one to eavesdrop, but what they were saying caught my attention immediately.  I peeked between the small space of the open door and watched.

 “...for example... let’s take this new girl we just hired.  She’s pretty, right?”

His friend shrugged.  “Yeah.  Not the hottest woman alive.”

“Well it’s just that; she’s barely a woman!  The only reason I hired her to come along is because we are four guys out on the road for weeks at a time with no women around when we’re filming the investigations.  We need some kind of eye candy, even if it’s not the best thing in the world.”

“It’s better than nothing.”

“Exactly,” Zak smiled.  “She’s got boobs, that’s for sure, and a great ass.  However, she is a little on the heavier side and she doesn’t have the prettiest face.”

I put my hand on my stomach; I’m not that heavy!  Am I?

 “You’ve dated better,” the friend said.

“And older.”

I stepped out that that point, carrying the heavy case past them and into the van.  They quieted down immediately.

“Hi, Tiff,” Zak said.  He reached for my arm, but I twitched away from him.

“Don’t talk to me,” I snapped.

“Whoa!  Where’s this coming from?” he asked.

His friend started walking away.  “I’ll, uh, catch you later.”

I turned to stomp away myself, but Zak caught my elbow.  “Are you okay?”

“Where do you get the audacity to-“

“What’s your problem?” he asked.  “You’re trying to act like I did something; what?”

I stared at him, eyes narrowing.  “Oh, I get it.  You’re some kind of asshole, aren’t you?”


“Yeah, I see now.”  I looked him up and down.  “Big, tough guy with the big muscles.  It’s attractive to women, right?”

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