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Hey lovelies thank you all for reading my preferences. I just want to say I'm not the best at describing the outfits so hopefully you can see the picture well enough to see what the outfits contain. If you can't see it just comment and tell me then I'll fix it and put they outfits separately. I have 28 reads and 6 votes so far! I know it may not seem like a lot to you, but it's a lot to me. Thanks to all my lovelies. 💛🌅💛

Sodapop- On your date with Soda you wear a red & blue flannel, some dark blue skinny jeans, dark-red high-top converse, an infinity ring with a diamond in the middle, and pink-colored lipstick. You wear your hair in a ponytail with a braid going across on one side and you curl the rest of your ponytail.

Steve- On your date with Steve you wear a black and white sleeveless dreamcatcher shirt, some light blue skinny jeans, black high-top converse, a moon and star bracelet, and a nude-colored lipstick. You wear you hair in a messy, but cute ponytail.

Darry- On your date with Darry you wear a long-sleeved navy blue lace shirt, some white skinny jeans, navy blue high-top converse, a pair of gold and diamond rose earrings, and champagne-colored lipstick. You wear your hair in a bun with a braid across the back and around your bun to the other side.

Two-Bit- On your date with Two-Bit you wear a light pink shirt with Mickey and Minnie kissing in Paris, some black skinny jeans, light pink high-top converse,  gold and diamond Mickey-shaped earrings and a nude/pink-colored lipstick. You wear our hair in a waterfall braid with loose curls.

Ponyboy- On your date with Pony you wear a cream rose-printed shirt, some light blue skinny jeans, cream high-top converse, a light pink heart and arrow necklace, and light pink lipstick. You wear your hair in a fishtail braid.

Johnny- On your date with Johnny you wear a white, sleeveless shirt that says "I'd rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck," with a flower crown around it, some dark blue skinny jeans, white high-top converse, two bracelets with heart and key charms, and a warm pink- colored lipstick. You wear your hair in a messy, but cute bun with a flower crown around your bun.

Dally- On your date with Dally you wear a short-sleeved cream lace shirt, a black leather jacket, some black skinny jeans, cream leather boots with lace detail, a silver Jesus Christ cross necklace, and maroon-colored lipstick. You wear your hair in a messy, but cute, ponytail that has a waterfall braid at the top of your head going across. 

Hope you lovelies enjoyed! Don't forget to leave feedback. Please vote, comment, and if possible share. I would really appreciate it, I just don't want to waste time if no one likes it. But anyways I'll end this on a happy note. If you like 5sos go check out my sis ammyx5sosx She's writing preferences for the band and they are really good in my opinion 👍. Don't forget to Stay Gold 💛🌅💛🌅. Love you all Bye! 👋

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