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Welcome to the year 3080, to a small town called Kingston. So, you're new to the year 3080. Welcome new resident! There are only a few important laws you need to know to get by:

•          Obey to every law or the outcome will be death

•          One child per one family

•          No couples under the age of twenty nine

•          Hunt and kill for your own food

•          Oh and last but not least, don't litter

Yes, things are strict in this year. Deal with it.

Many people have had too, but obey by these rules and you will live a long and happy life; well that is if the world hasn't ended by then. You and your family will be specially monitored by the Government and if they don't like what they see, run for your life – or you may just become someone's meal. So that pretty much sums up the year 3080. Oh, and one last tip; know how to defend yourself; it's going to a bumpy ride.


(Okay, I just want to state I got this idea from Rachel Caine's - Morganville vampire series. I thought it was an excellent way to explain the story easier.)

I just wanted to say thanks for everyone's support :3

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