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               This is it. I thought.

                For once in my life, I will be a normal teenager, an ordinary person with no obligations and responsibilities. This was selfish I know. But for once, I want to be normal. This was a dream come true for me.

                “We’ll be landing soon, Sophie,” my favorite cousin, Isabella told me.

                I forgot to tell you. I run away from home. A palace if you should know. I’m Princess Sophie. Where? I’m not telling you. You might tell on me. Laugh. Isabella, but you should call her Lady Isabella since she was the daughter of a Duke, she went with me. My brother, Prince Peter helped us escaped. I wonder what my parents were talking about right now. For sure, they know I’d left already. Good thing Isabella’s father the Duke, knows about this and he promised not to tell anyone.


A few miles from them, the King and Queen were talking seriously with Prince Peter.

                “You helped them?” the Queen asked her voice a little loud.

                “Yes,” Peter said. “Just let her go. She knows what she is doing.”

                “She’s so irresponsible,” the King said.

                “And she promise she’ll be back. Safe,” Peter added.

                The King and Queen exchanged looks. “The media shouldn’t know about this. Or else, she is in great trouble,” the Queen said.

                At that, Peter smiled and prayed for Sophie and Isabella.


                “Where are we staying by the way?” I asked Isabella.

                “I already bought a house,” she replied.

                “That’s quick,” I said. We only planned these two days before and she already bought our house. Nice. “So, are we going to school?” Going to school was the most exciting part for me. I haven’t gone to school with boys. I mean, I went to an all-girls school and having boys in school would be exciting. What am I thinking? I’m a Princess. And there was already a guy who my parents liked for me. And maybe someday we would be married. That was the most painful thing for me. I want to fall in love. I want to marry the one I love. Sigh.

                “Yes we are,” she said. “But school term doesn’t start until next week so we still have time to have fun.”

            Have fun. I love that. I would like to go to a mall. Finally, I can go to the mall, for the first time! I would like to eat ice cream, play in an arcade and more. How I know about this? Internet of course. The funny thing was I searched what a normal teenager would be doing in a mall. Oh yeah. And watch a movie. They have this big screen they called a cinema. That would also be fun.

                This was the most exciting thing I ever done. Maybe I’ll meet someone. Someone who would steal my heart. Someone who would like me not because I’m a Princess but because I’m me. That would be wonderful.

                But, I wasn’t allowed to fall in love with an ordinary guy. But what if I fell in love? What should I do? Will I tell him?


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