Chapter 15

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I stood passively in the crowd as Murderdolls began their set with “The World According to Revenge.” I had been standing similarly all night, and now Emily, Mikey and Benji had wandered elsewhere.

Only Vicki, Joel and I remained. It was somewhat awkward because we hadn’t seen Joel properly in so long, and we were all changed people.

“Hey,” Joel whispered as he nudged me. I disliked him a lot at that moment, and so his presence only made my mood worse.

I didn’t want to listen to him – usually he involved trouble. I had been fine at school until I met him.

“HEY,” his sort of shouted, nudging me in the side to look at him.

 He seemed anxious about something although at that time it was difficult to tell what it was that made him so.

Vicki moved in closer to us and answered for me. “What is it?” she asked playfully.

Rustling around in his pocket, Joel seemed to concentrate as he slowly pulled out a bottle of Vodka. I looked in astonishment. I hated drinking – my dad did it a lot and I knew only too well the consequences.

“How did you get that past security?” Vicki asked gratefully, clearly eager to begin drinking. What they would do was down it as fast as humanly possible, if they weren’t immediately sick, they became drunk pretty quickly.

“You don’t want to know,” Joel replied, seriously rather than playfully before turning and winking at me. I felt one of his arms wrap around my waist as I was pulled closer to him.

I pulled away quickly though, I didn’t want to do anything with him. He just didn’t seem to accept that.

“Well,” Vicki began, snatching the bottle out of Joel’s hands. She wiped the top with her shirt before opening it and taking the first drink – which was a lot.

She swallowed it before cringing slightly and shaking her head a little.

She stepped back, disoriented, as the alcohol went straight to her head. She ended up leaning on me for support while she sorted herself out.

Well, she had taken a huge gulp.

Joel too did the same, downing a swig almost as big as Vicki’s. Placing his arm on my other shoulder, he too regained his balance.

The process went on and on until the bottle was empty, and I was left to deal with two very drunk friends. Although, Vicki was the only one that I actually cared about.

Trying to stabilize her, I realised that I actually had until eleven to deal with all of this.

 Hopefully she would sober up a little bit before Black Veil Brides came on – I had been looking forward to their concert.

“I feel…I feel… so sick” Vicki slurred as her eyes narrowed cynically, trying to hide from the light of the pyrotechnics. She leaned onto me and placed her head on my shoulder.

 I was terrified that she was going to throw up on me, thankfully she didn’t.

“Vicki, get off her. I want a hug too” Joel garbled as he pried Vicki’s arm from around mine.

 She immediately got annoyed and ended up shoving him out of the way.

In retaliation, Joel shoved her harder than she had done as she flew back onto the person standing in front of her.

Because she was so drunk, she had no self-control and couldn’t steady herself. She fell flat onto the floor as people started to trample on her.

I cursed at Joel before running to help Vicki, picking her up off the floor and trying to stabilize her once more.

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