He realised one was speaking to him.

"Erm... Pardon?"

"Can you tell us what happened, sir?"

"Erm... No, sorry."



"I said did you find her like this? You need to be with us, sir. We need you here."

The words were like a slap to his face or a splash of icy water. He felt as if he'd woken with a start from a nightmare, only to find it was actually real. He shook his head and focussed.

"Sorry. Sorry. I'm here. No. I don't know what happened. I heard her shout and then heard a crash. I rushed through and she was there... there... like that."

"It's ok, sir. Don't worry. We'll take care of her."

With that, the paramedics seemed to forget he was standing next to them and began to work on Fey. Within a few moments, she was strapped to a gurney he hadn't noticed they'd brought in and her neck was in a brace. He hadn't seen her move or heard her speak.

"Will she be ok?" he asked.

"Let's get her to hospital and they'll be able to tell you more."

"Will she be paralysed? Is she going to wake up?"

"Like I said, sir. The hospital will tell you more once they've checked her out."

Simon nodded.


"Can you drive?"

He nodded again.

"Follow us to the hospital, sir, and we'll get your daughter seen to."

"Yes, of course. Will do."

The paramedics moved Fey to the ambulance and climbed in, one nodding to Simon. He blinked and managed a small, pained smile. Once the ambulance had pulled away, he unhooked his keys from the hook by the door and pulled on his jacket. He was about to walk out of the door when...

"Dad?" a sleepy voice said.


"Hey sweetie," Simon said, running up the stairs. "We have to go to the hospital. Your sister has had a nasty fall."

Rebecca rubbed her eyes.

"Will she be alright?" she asked.

"Sure she will," he said. "Right as rain."

Simon had always wondered what was right about rain. It could replenish and revive, but it could also wash away whole towns, drowning the hope and the life - as he felt he was drowning now. But still. She was six. She didn't need to hear that.

"Let's go see her, Rebel."

He wrapped her coat about her and carried her to the car, strapping her in. She laid her head back and closed her eyes. He looked at her, thankful she was ok. He needed his girls to be ok. He couldn't lose another one, not after Leigh.

By the time he arrived at the hospital, Fey had already been admitted. A doctor was walking away from her bed, a nurse by his side. They spoke in hushed tones. The nurse scribbled something on the notes in her hand and hurried off.


"Are you the father?"

"Yes," Simon said. "This is her sister. How is she?"

The doctor told him Fey had been very lucky. She had a suspected concussion but had no broken bones. She had to stay in as she hadn't regained consciousness yet, but would be having a scan in the morning. The doctor said if she'd fallen even slightly differently, she could have been paralysed or worse.

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