Ch.5 the encouter part 1

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***Perspones' p.o.v

I woke up to feel an arm around my waist, i then rembered Jace had stayed with me,I cuddle closer when I heard growling. I growled back, my brothers never get mad if Jace spend the night, I looked toward my door and saw it closed I glanced around my room and saw Anthony on my window seal growling silently at me and Jace my wolf Fawney was excited her mate was here.

"Why is HE in you bed," Anthony growled I narrowed my eyes at him,

"Because I let him,"I said flipping my hair and snuggled closer to Jace, who was a heavy sleepier. I smiled into Jace's bare chest Anthony growled I rolled my eyes and got up, his growling stopped when I stood up and I finally rembered I was in my panties and large T-shirt and it was twisted around my stomach his eys were going black with desire I groaned and pulled it down his eyes taking me in I walked towards my closet to pull on some sweats when Anothny pulled me to him and pressed his lips to me. His hands grabbed at me and pulled me closer. My body modeling to his,by arms going around his neck, my hands going through his hair, he moaned and bite my lip I smiled and tugged at his soft hair he broke the kiss and began kissing down my neck his fangs slightly scraping my skin I gasped, at the tingling that it gave my whole body. And then he jumped away like a rat abounding ship. He ran his fingers through his hair, his eyes were black with raging lust, he sighed my wolf Fawney was whimpering that her mate stopped,

"Your brothers are coming, and I don't ever want to see a male in your bed again unless its me or our children," he growled and went to the balcony and jumped off I stood in place shocked, my lips still tingling from his kiss, I shook my head and grabbed some clothes and jumped into the shower...

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