Chapter two

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Erza's POV:

After having an argument with Lucy she finally stopped screaming about me being here in the bathroom with her. I looked over at Lucy to see her staring at me, her face was really red. Is she ok? She looks sick.

" Lucy are you ok? Your face is really red."

I placed my hand on her head. Her skin is really smooth. As i placed my hand on her forehead i could feel it was super hot.

"Omg your face is getting redder and your head is really hot!"

"O-OH IT'S NOTHING REALLY. It's just the water is hot that's it. Hehe." Lucy said as she smiled.

I love her smile, I feel so happy when i see her smile.


Lucy's POV:

We finally got out of the bathtub to get dressed. Erza obviously used requip magic to dress into her heart kreuz armor. Since i couldn't do that I had to dress in front of her. Finally i got dressed into a blue tank top and a skirt. I looked down at my bed to see my shirt that i had worn to Erza's house.

"Did you bring this here?" I asked her.

"Yeah you left at my house last time. Your so clumsy ya know."

I blushed really hard at my clumsiness. It was so embarrassing, especially when Erza was watching me. Suddenly i felt a hand on my shoulder, as I looked up i saw Erza smiling.

"Come on lets walk to the guild together" she said.

I nodded in response and we walked together. When we reached the guild Natsu and Gray was already there fighting again. Erza and I decided to ignore them and walked over to Mirajane.

"Hey Erza and Lucy" she had a smirk on her face. "What can i get for you today?"

"Oh can i get two strawberry cakes for me and Lucy" Erza said.
A few seconds later two cakes appeared in front of us.

"T-thanks Erza that's really nice of you" I tried to compliment her as confidently, but I just couldn't. In the corner of my eye I could see Mirajane smirking at as.
Dammit Mira I swear if you say anything to Erza about me I will......goddamit it's not like I can actually kill Mira. I'd probably die first.

"Shut up ice princess you stripper" "Whatever flame brain"(already know who said that)

Erza was just about to take a bite out her cake when Gray's pants landed in her slice of cake. Everyone gasped at what just happened except Gray and Natsu. Erza apeared behind them with rage. The boys just realized what had happened and gulped. Erza grabbed their heads in her hands and bonked them together until both Gray and Natsu fainted with both fear and the pain from their heads. A sweat dropped from my face as i sighed. I watched as Erza walked back to the bar.

"Mira do you have anymore cake left" Erza asked with annoyance and anger.

"I'm sorry Erza but i gave you the last slice."

"OMG, this is the worst day ever!" Erza banged her head on the table hard until cracks were shown on the table.

Finally i got the courage and did something i thought i wouldn't do. I held Erza by the chin and pulled her face close to me. I shoved the fork of cake in her mouth. ( You thought i would make them kiss ).I was blushing so hard like I looked like a freaking tomato.

Third person pov:
Erza was shocked to see that Lucy was feeding her a peice of cake. She closed her eyes with lust and when she opened her eyes she told something to her love....
" oh thou cake I love thou so much. we shall never"
Lucy sweat dropped ' was that all she could think about. After I gave her a piece of my cake!' Lucy thought.

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