Chapter 12:

Rian’s POV

    Spike finished his PT half a week ahead of schedule; the attack on his team motivating him to get back to work. Ed, who escaped the bomb with minor bruising and a sprained wris, went back to work the same day Spike did. The only difference, was now there was a member of Cyber Crimes working with SRU’s dispatcher to find whoever has been hacking into the police and SRU databases. Once Spike was back at work, things weren’t so tense at home. He was a lot happier, and I was happier because of that. Over the next few weeks Leah made a full recovery and was soon back on the Team. All too soon it had been two months since the bombing, and the girls and I were finally getting out girls night out that we had planned over 6 months ago.

    Winnie was hosting girls night at her place, and Spike was hosting a guys night at our house, so I had to hit the road before the house was overwhelmed with testosterone. I stepped out of the shower, slipping into a pair of loose gym shorts and a tank top. I pulled my hair into a sloppy bun. I almost ran into Spike coming out of the bedroom.

“Hey,” he said, leaning against the doorway, blocking my way out.

“Hey, yourself.”

“You look fetching.”

I rolled my eyes, “I know right? I look glamorous in pajamas.”

“You always look glamorous.”

“Aww, such a charmer.”

I leaned forwards, kissing him quickly. He groaned as I pulled away.

“We have some time,” He said, his hands going to my waist.

“Not enough Superman.” I said, as the doorbell rang. I scampered past him, opening the door.

“Hey Rian”

Ed and Sam were holding six packs and bags of food on the doorstep.

“Come on in guys! I was just leaving.”

“Here you go babe.” Spike said, coming up behind me with my bag of food, car keys, and cell phone.

“Okay. Okay, I get the point. Have fun boys!” I waved, heading down the driveway to my car.

    The drive to Winnie’s was short and I was last to arrive; parking at the end of a long line of cars in front of her condo. I knocked on the door, opening it to the sounds of raucous laughing and hellos.

“Hey girls!”

“Rian!!” They chorused back waving their drinks in the air and offering me a spot on top of the piled blankets at the foot of the couch. They had set up shop in her living room, near the kitchen and in front of the giant TV. How to lose a guy in ten days was already playing when I added my chips, salsa, and truffles to the pile of food on the coffee table. I flopped next to Jules, grabbing a bowl and some cheetos from the coffee table.

“How was your week Jules?”

“It was fine. I get to deal with your mopey boyfriend at work though.”


“He misses you.” She said, teasing me.

“Aww… that’s so sweet.” Shelley broke in, leaning down from the couch to grab a handful of my cheetos.

I blushed, that was really sweet. “Well I don’t get to work with my husband. But how’s Sadie?”

“She’s good, we’re starting a new pre-school next year. How’s Clark?”

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